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Arousing intense distaste or disgust.
  1. 'It's jarring and offensive and leaves one with nothing but repulsive images that linger on afterwards.'
  2. 'It is perhaps the most disgusting, grotesque and repulsive thing ever shown on television.'
  3. 'They've all done things that are repulsive and disgusting, and each one is probably haunted by that.'
  4. 'However, by the time he arrives it's becoming clear to Preston and the audience alike exactly how repulsive a mindset the Clerics? one is.'
  5. 'After overcoming the natural reluctance to confront those in power, students began to comment, telling their presenters just how repulsive, immoral, and disgusting the idea was.'
  6. 'Cronenberg fashions a remake of the cheesy 1958 original that is by turns funny, poignant, repulsive, and intense.'
  7. 'he knows this is repulsive and that's why he comes out with it).'
  8. 'Both these views of what Karl Marx called ‘the ugly revolution, the repulsive revolution’ were subsequently published as engravings in the periodical L' Illustration.'
  9. 'Killing a human being is always a repulsive act, but at times it is unavoidable, as in self-defense, or in war.'
  10. 'Others felt that the portrait was rather repulsive.'
Relating to repulsion between physical objects.
    Lacking friendliness or sympathy.


      1. causing repugnance or aversion: a repulsive mask.

      2. capable of causing repulsion; serving to repulse: to present enough repulsive force to keep the enemy from daring to attack.

      3. tending to drive away or keep at a distance; cold; forbidding: arrogant, repulsive airs to frighten the timid.

      4. Physics. of the nature of or characterized by physical repulsion.

      More examples(as adjective)

      "thoughts can be repulsive to people."

      "swallowings can be repulsive to carers."

      "people can be repulsive to people."

      "irons can be repulsive to fairies."

      "difficulties can be repulsive to carers."

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