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Unceasingly intense.
  1. 'Pearson was singled out for the relentless demands that he put on his people.'
  2. 'It seemed he would never escape the relentless torture of being forced to choose a bride.'
  3. 'Yet it's hard to think of anyone who has pursued power with such relentless single-handedness.'
  4. 'The sun was relentless, and the heat reflected cruelly off the parched earth.'
  5. 'Throughout the long day, they suffered cruelly under the constant whining shells and relentless, baking sun.'
  6. 'Football has continued its relentless march into cricket's strongholds.'
  7. 'She deftly defeats those who dare challenge her with a relentless intensity.'
  8. 'As always the flow of patients was relentless, but as the day wore on I became familiar with some of the friendly faces of the patients on the unit.'
  9. 'I continued my relentless walk through the streets, knife barred into my deep clutches.'
  10. 'The pandemic continues its relentless spread about 14 000 people are infected each day.'
  11. 'a patient but relentless taskmaster'
  12. 'Change is slow to come, and we must continue to be relentless in our pursuit to let others know our value.'
  13. 'Consider the shoppers you know who are relentless in their pursuit of a deal.'
  14. 'Still she continued on relentless as I did everything I could to fight back and not beg for mercy.'
  15. 'He became a relentless traveller, sparing no continent and few countries in quest of subjects and themes.'


1. that does not relent; unyieldingly severe, strict, or harsh; unrelenting: a relentless enemy.

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"people can be relentless in pursuits."

"governments can be relentless in efforts."

"people can be relentless in things."

"people can be relentless in terms."

"people can be relentless in efforts."

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