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Dismiss as inadequate, unacceptable, or faulty.
  1. 'these explanations of criminal behaviour have been rejected by sociologists'
  2. 'This was overwhelming rejected by union members who stated they were holding out for a four per cent increase.'
  3. 'An immediate, but quickly rejected option is to drop the selling price by 10 percent.'
  4. 'Fourth, typing is more distancing than talking: it is easier to dismiss or reject a respondent textually than verbally.'
  5. 'Should the union accept or reject the Communist party's leading role in government?'
  6. 'He was part of a Saskatchewan delegation that visited several European capitals last October to get the European Union to reject the ban.'
  7. 'Kelly, the US officials said, rejected the threat as unacceptable as a means to resolve the nuclear crisis.'
  8. 'Judge Maddocks rejected that contention and dismissed the appellant's appeal.'
  9. 'Not only was there therefore no unfair dismissal but, since there was no dismissal, the claim for wrongful dismissal was also rejected.'
  10. 'The judge had found that all reasonable doctors would have avoided the danger and that any other approach was unacceptable, rejecting the contrary opinion of some of the experts.'
  11. 'However, the unions rejected the claim that the proposed redundancy payment increases would lead to more job losses.'
  12. 'I never even thought about asking why or rejecting her request.'
  13. 'In rejecting our request to attend the meeting, the narrow ‘Majorityism’ definition of democracy was espoused.'
  14. 'He also invoked the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to reject the requests.'
  15. 'On application, the application was rejected and a request for a review of an area review officer was forwarded to the office.'
  16. 'He rejected their request for limits of Chinese imports of welded steel pipes.'
  17. 'The judge rejected the request for an adjournment and the renewed application insofar as it was made.'
  18. 'Unfortunately the Irish Medical Organisation has rejected this request in writing.'
  19. 'The judge also rejected a media request to televise the high profile trial.'
  20. 'The race commissioner, however, rejected their request, upholding Dumaresq's legal right to race.'
  21. 'It also levied transaction charges, including an enhanced charge of £35 per item if it rejected any request for payment.'
  22. 'she didn't want him to feel he had been rejected after his sister was born'
  23. 'Her rejecting him only made his desire to gain her affection that much stronger.'
  24. 'He returns to his daughter much later in her life, and she initially rejects him.'
  25. 'Michael had the tainted innocence of an outcast, but I knew he was better than the very people who would reject him.'
  26. 'Would people reject me just because I'm too pale, my nose is too long, and my hair too light?'
  27. 'They realised that being evil is no matter because people will always reject you.'
  28. 'Sometimes, says Mr. Vijayraj, young women are rejected because they are disabled.'
  29. 'In doing so we cut ourselves off from every aspect of our life - from other people who will reject us, from our wicked past, our hopeless future and from nature itself.'
  30. 'Sharon herself made the observation that she shouldn't be rejecting people because of their appearance given her hair in its current condition.'
  31. '‘I say to you, you cannot bring your same-sex partner to the prom, we are not rejecting you as a person,’ Martin said.'
  32. 'You're probably thinking, if I don't want people to like me I shouldn't wear stuff like this, but let's just say I like rejecting people.'
  33. 'A mix of immunosuppressive therapies is typically used to prevent a recipient's body from rejecting a transplanted organ.'
  34. 'Immunosuppressants interfere with the body's immune system - making it less capable of rejecting the transplanted kidney.'
  35. 'The results also show that female heart transplant patients were more likely than men to reject the organ.'


A person or thing dismissed as inadequate or unacceptable.
  1. 'Rejected specialists are sent back with notes stating the reasons and recommending to those in charge of training units what they should stress in retraining the rejects.'
  2. 'The pain of not going back to school junior year just because I was afraid I wouldn't blend in because mother said I was a reject.'
  3. 'The ones elected to these jobs, so far outside the safe walls of the home base, were usually the girls who had outlived their usefulness at home or the social rejects from the hierarchy.'
  4. 'Jesus always had a soft spot for the ‘outsiders’, the rejects, those considered not good enough, who had not made the grade, those the pious did not want to be seen with.'
  5. 'I looked at each of them in turn, retaining the scowl on my face until all the rejects were gone and the guards had returned.'
  6. 'No, we are the rejects, not part of any clique at all.'
  7. 'Do you think more than a few of those rejects might have cost us some serious money had we hired them?'
  8. 'Never leave a popular classmate stranded with a social reject for group projects.'
  9. 'They were just doing it to become social rejects.'
  10. 'Like the spurned women of Manhattan, Howard and his fellow rejects should remind themselves they're smart, beautiful, funny, wonderful people who deserve better.'
  11. as modifier 'reject china plates'
  12. 'This plutonium is a reject load being returned to British Nuclear Fuels by Japan.'
  13. 'We sat back on the bright orange reject couch and admired our handiwork.'
  14. 'She's a short, rather chubby woman who always dressed the same, in those long dresses and skirts that looked like she plucked them out of a reject bin.'
  15. 'Chelsea barely glanced at the next shirt before deciding that it wasn't right and tossing it in the reject pile.'
  16. 'After emptying your dresser drawers, haul your rejects off for charity.'
  17. 'The first condoms sold to the South African government in the early 1990s for free distribution were rejects from the European market and regularly split.'

More definitions

1. to refuse to have, take, recognize, etc.: to reject the offer of a better job.

2. to refuse to grant (a request, demand, etc.).

3. to refuse to accept (someone or something); rebuff: The other children rejected him. The publisher rejected the author's latest novel.

4. to discard as useless or unsatisfactory: The mind rejects painful memories.

5. to cast out or eject; vomit.

6. to cast out or off.

7. Medicine/Medical. (of a human or other animal) to have

More examples(as adjective)

"teenagers can be rejected by parents."

"risks can be rejected by committees."

"families can be rejected by erms."

"children can be rejected for reasons."

"suggestions can be rejected."

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(reject)Late Middle English: from Latin reject- ‘thrown back’, from the verb reicere, from re- ‘back’ + jacere ‘to throw’.