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Feeling or showing regret.
  1. 'In one case, a tiny, angry-looking boy is judged sufficiently regretful to return to the school where he threatened a bodyguard.'
  2. 'Don't get me wrong: I'm not overly traumatized - just occasionally regretful.'
  3. 'I am deeply regretful about this mistake of others - no, I will not say sorry.'
  4. 'He walked out with somewhat a regretful smile on his face, his eyes lost in the past; he nearly walked into the closed door!'
  5. 'This is truly regretful and I offer my candid apologies.'
  6. 'Bragg sometimes seems vaguely regretful about the fact that he is not thought of, primarily, as a writer.'
  7. 'At the same time, I breathe a regretful sigh at the anguish, the desperation and the rage reflected in the letters I hold in my hand.'
  8. 'Overall, there was something in his eyes she had noticed: sadness, a deep, regretful sadness.'
  9. '‘He apologised and was really regretful even though he was not involved in the actual attack,’ he said.'
  10. 'His eyes cast themselves to the floor, and his attempt at a smile followed; he looked almost regretful.'


1. full of regret; sorrowful because of what is lost, gone, or done.

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"people can be regretful of positions."

"people can be regretful."

"smiles can be regretful."

"moves can be regretful."

"looks can be regretful."

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