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Having a red face, especially as a result of embarrassment or shame.
  1. 'Each time he'd forget the sequence and need to be reminded; each time it left him red-faced and tired.'
  2. 'Royal Mail bosses were left red-faced after two letters apologising about a customer's missing mail were lost in the post.'
  3. 'A stranger may appear from nowhere to embrace you, leaving you red-faced.'
  4. 'The slightly red-faced compère lifted one glamorous rose after another and grinned for the cameras.'
  5. 'I'm totally impressed by the level of skill that's required and am red-faced at my lack of knowledge prior to Saturday.'
  6. 'Sarah has emptied a bucket of blocks in front of the television and Ruth is on her back on the floor, red-faced, screaming.'
  7. 'He came over to me, red-faced, explained what had happened, apologised profusely, and went to fetch his manager.'
  8. 'The red-faced youth quickly dug into his pocket much to the amusement of the conductor.'
  9. 'That was Thomas, I realised, looking over the plump, red-faced infant spread out uncomfortably all over my chair.'
  10. 'When he returned, red-faced, he reported that she had done the same thing to him.'



1. having a red face.

2. blushing or flushed with embarrassment, anger, resentment, or the like.

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"people can be red-faced from suns."

"people can be red-faced."

"officials can be red-faced."

"gentlemans can be red-faced."

"staffs can be red-faced."

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