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Of a colour at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet, as of blood, fire, or rubies.
  1. 'the sky was turning red outside'
  2. 'Dark red blood was running down the furry arm, and the hunter advanced again.'
  3. 'Men with splendid handlebar moustaches sport glorious orange or red turbans.'
  4. 'A dark red patch of blood marked the spot where the first intruder had fallen.'
  5. 'He'd stood up and his back was to her, his dirty blond hair was matted with dark red blood.'
  6. 'He opened his mouth slightly trying to say something, but he only coughed out more dark red blood.'
  7. 'The dark red blood forms a glaring contrast to the sickly green of the flesh.'
  8. 'Dark red blood spilled from her arm and gathered in a pool on the ground.'
  9. 'She had dark red lipstick across her lips and her eyelashes looked longer and she bat them often.'
  10. 'She walked up to a mirror and painted the creamy dark red lipstick over her lips.'
  11. 'there were some red faces in headquarters'
  12. 'Many people's faces in the audience were red and sweaty because of the heat.'
  13. 'Oshino's face was red with anger and embarrassment and he stormed off angrily.'
  14. 'His face was still red, he could feel his cheeks burning with the embarrassment.'
  15. 'Her face was red with anger and her eyes were still wet as tears flowed freely down her cheeks.'
  16. 'I knew by the time his eyes reached my chest area my face was embarrassingly red.'
  17. 'She was red in the face, partly from embarrassment and partly from being rushed off her feet - the inn was unusually busy.'
  18. 'The inhibitions disappear and the red face is a result of happy exertion rather than excruciating bashfulness.'
  19. 'Her face was red and she grimaced more from the pain than the bitter cold.'
  20. 'But I pull myself together, puffy red face and all, and go back to the station to fix my mistake.'
  21. 'His face was very red, but Pegasus couldn't tell if it was anger or embarrassment.'
  22. 'her eyes were red and swollen'
  23. 'His eyes were red and bloodshot and he looked worn and tattered with emotion.'
  24. 'My eyes were red and puffy and my eyelashes were stuck together by my tears.'
  25. 'She looked at me, sitting in my desk frozen, and her eyes were red and teary.'
  26. 'His eyes were red and there were circles underneath them when at last he woke, very early in the morning.'
  27. 'I opened my eyes and saw that her eyes were still red and wet, but she looked absolutely beautiful.'
  28. 'His eyes were red and swollen and he looked taller and older than she remembered.'
  29. 'Her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks pink, her hair a mess, actually she in general was a mess.'
  30. 'Rosalie had her hair was in a long single messy braid, and her eyes were red and bloodshot.'
  31. 'His eyes were red, but his behavior was perfectly normal, as though it were just an ordinary day.'
  32. 'Her mother's wide brown eyes were red and puffy and an ugly black bruise was swelling on her cheek.'
  33. 'his hair was red'
  34. 'She looked to be in total bliss as her flaming red hair blew in the wind.'
  35. 'She was born after a quick labor and has a coating of bright red hair on her little head.'
  36. 'She has gorgeous long, red hair that I love to run my fingers through.'
  37. 'There in front of her stood a large man with flaming red hair and large pale green eyes.'
  38. 'She was last seen with bright red hair, but has been blonde in the past and could have dyed her hair a dark colour.'
  39. 'Rusty whipped around, and his red hair curled around his head like a wet mop.'
  40. 'I had bright red hair as a child, but it has progressively darkened to its current brown.'
  41. 'She was braiding my long, red hair just the way I like it and we were talking.'
  42. 'She reached down and tenderly pushed a few strands of dirty rusty red hair out of Tom's eyes.'
  43. 'She was a short, plump woman with flaming red hair that cascaded down her back.'
  44. 'By agreement, if the card turned up to start the discard pile happens to be a wild card or a red three, it may be put back into the stock pile and another card turned up.'
  45. 'As the rules stand both red and even numbered cards are being eliminated.'
  46. 'Only three cards are needed, two from a black suit, and one from a red suit.'
  47. 'If you do not have the necessary sambas or canastas to end the game, for every melded red three you receive 100 penalty points.'
  48. 'Where once Burgundy had the field to itself, other parts of the world are now making some gorgeous red wines from Pinot Noir.'
  49. 'I enjoy red wine but as the only drinker in the house, I find that one bottle lasts too long.'
  50. 'The principal grape used in the red wines of this region is Syrah.'
  51. 'The best wine vinegar may be made from either white or red wine, the latter having an agreeable mellow taste.'
  52. 'Add the red wine, allow to bubble for a few minutes, stirring.'
  53. 'It is home to very luscious and exotic red wines, principally Cabernet Sauvignon.'
  54. 'One night early on, while we sat drinking red wine on the balcony off our room, a man in the adjoining room came out on his balcony too.'
  55. 'Would I pour my water into my white wine glass, red wine into my port glass or the whole lot over the tablecloth?'
  56. 'Yield of their red wine is down, but that's due to their replanting programme.'
  57. 'I seldom drink spirits, but I like a glass of red wine, sometimes a beer.'
  58. 'There are several examples of drivers passing red signals simply because in their experience they expect it to be green.'
  59. 'The driver around whom the dispute is centred was demoted after passing four red signals.'
  60. 'The effect of reducing the number of trains running red signals is clear.'
  61. 'Cameras were installed but seem to do little except consistently fail to identify speeding motorists who disregard the red signal.'
  62. 'A red signal stops action, and green alerts the player that the coach needs his or her attention.'
  63. 'In Beijing, some traffic lights offer a countdown clock for both green and red signals.'
  64. 'Buses maybe given a separate phase to travel through the intersection, while all other traffic is held on a red signal.'
  65. 'But drivers also fail to stop at red signals because they have misread a signal, or chosen to disregard it.'
  66. 'Even they will stop at red traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.'
  67. 'This system automatically stops the train if it passes through a red signal.'
  68. 'the force went on red alert'
  69. 'Police in Ramsbottom put fitness fans on red alert today after a jogger in a neighbouring district was attacked.'
  70. 'A fifth of Essex's roads have been given a red alert and are in urgent need of repair.'
  71. 'She looked over at the wall to see that the red lights that usually flash when the red alert rings off were not on.'
  72. 'The Met Office has put highways departments in the region on red alert - the highest warning in its traffic light system of alerts.'
  73. 'Hospital bosses said a continuation of the problems that triggered the first six-day red alert led to its renewal again on Tuesday.'
  74. 'Britain's countryside was placed on red alert yesterday as both city and rural dwellers were told to keep away from farmland.'
  75. 'Killarney is this week on a public health red alert following confirmation of two new cases of meningitis in the town.'
  76. 'The bridge is bathed in red light as a red alert siren wails in the background.'
  77. 'He revealed that an email had been circulated amongst GPs by the primary care trust, informing them that a red alert had been posted.'
  78. 'The hospital has been put on red alert several times in the past few weeks, as winter ills make their presence felt.'
Communist or socialist (used especially during the Cold War with reference to the Soviet Union)
    Involving bloodshed or violence.
      (of a Xhosa) coming from a traditional tribal culture.


        Red colour or pigment.
        1. 'The links to the useful posts were formerly in the area outlined in red.'
        2. 'The lighting in red, blue and warm yellow set the mood according to the emotion depicted.'
        3. 'A Vote Labour leaflet in red and yellow is pinned to an upper window of his bungalow.'
        4. 'All club supporters are asked to turn out and support these young boys in red.'
        5. 'Presumably this is to encourage us to stop ignoring any bill not coloured in red.'
        6. 'As the name implies, most of the Bar Rouge is decorated in red to create a striking visual effect.'
        7. 'The restaurant creates varied kinds of curries in red, yellow, green, black and white.'
        8. 'In the image, however, the shortest wavelengths are represented as blue, while the longest are coloured in red.'
        9. 'Delhi is a city of magnificence and desolation, grandeur and history, all seeped in red and purple.'
        10. 'The three main colours of berry are red, orange and yellow.'
        11. 'she could not wear red'
        12. 'I leaned down from my saddle and snatched a shield from a corpse wearing red.'
        13. 'In front of the church police were questioning some young men wearing red.'
        14. 'The groom wore red and the bride looked elegant in an old-fashioned riding habit.'
        15. 'Tomorrow somebody may say that I shouldn't wear khaki to work and should only wear red.'
        16. 'The club always wore red and white but black has now replaced the white.'
        17. 'His own transport is a Hummer and, at his £100,000 wedding staged in a Welsh castle, he wore red.'
        18. 'You could always tell who was from where because we wore blue and they wore red.'
        19. 'The colour blue was chosen to distinguish the police from the British military, who then wore red and white.'
        20. 'To make a really great photo, they need lots of people to come along, wearing as much red as possible.'
        21. 'The bride will wear red to maintain the festive spirit and regulars will share a full turkey dinner followed by mince pies and Christmas pud.'
        A red thing.
        1. 'There is usually some producer somewhere in the world deliberately fashioning light reds in this style to be consumed chilled.'
        2. 'Penedes in the north east led the planting of French grape varieties and now makes dry white wine and well-flavoured reds with these and traditional grapes.'
        3. 'A sunny, dry season had growers excited for that year's reds.'
        4. 'It is an honest, everyday red with a nice, clean finish.'
        5. 'The making of a merlot Duckhorn continues string of impressive reds.'
        6. '"They have this decent Spanish red for only 70 kuai a bottle," I called out from the living room.'
        7. 'In most frames the reds were scattered round the table in the course of disjointed play and long bouts of safety.'
        8. 'Mendoza is the most important region, particularly for reds.'
        9. 'good Italian reds at affordable prices'
        10. 'The lighter, almost earthy reds can be good here, too, if the wine producer has aimed for concentration.'
        11. 'There is a limited wine list, from which I only tried the house wines, both the red and the white were excellent and not expensive.'
        12. 'Wine by the glass business is strong, too, he reports, and the bar offers eight white wines and seven reds.'
        13. 'Delicate reds, such as wines from France's Beaujolais and Chinon appellations, can often fulfil the role of a white wine, and vice versa.'
        14. 'As U.S. wine sales grow, reds have overtaken whites.'
        15. 'Acidity is more of a taste factor in white wines than in reds.'
        16. 'All the great white wines are made from Chardonnay, all the great reds from Pinot Noir.'
        17. 'And the thick bottle and handsome label make it an excellent gift wine for a lover of big reds.'
        18. 'If I ventured from the reds, Chardonnays replaced the lighter, less fulfilling whites.'
        19. 'Some people regard white wines as something to rinse the palate with before they move on to some reds, but these two wines are worth a few minutes' pause.'
        20. 'Three reds remain but Hendry surprisingly concedes to leave his opponent just one frame from victory.'
        21. 'Stevens looks to be heading to level the match, but his 45 break falters when he misses a red.'
        22. 'He led 53-8 with two reds left in the 16th frame but snookered himself on the second last red.'
        23. 'In this instance, that meant the pink had to be returned to the centre of a group of reds with just enough room to fit the ball in the middle.'
        24. 'Williams scored first, but it was Hunter who made the frame and championship winning contribution as he cleared a sizeable cluster of reds.'
        25. 'Doherty opened the scoring with a break of 44 but, bridging awkwardly, missed a red to a middle pocket.'
        26. 'He potted 13 reds and 12 blacks before losing position on the colour.'
        27. 'Hunter led by four points when he found himself snookered on the last red.'
        28. 'Henry takes full advantage with the reds well split, and boosts his confidence with a stylish break of 89 to win the opening frame.'
        29. 'Wood gained four points from a snooker on the last red which left him ideally positioned for a clearance.'
        A communist or socialist.
        1. 'Never one to underestimate or understate her own judgements, she feels that China is communist and calls a red a red.'
        2. 'Hoover made an index of 450,000 people he considered to be dangerous reds.'
        The situation of owing money to a bank or making a loss in a business operation.
        1. 'moving the health authority out of the red will be a huge challenge'
        2. 'So, within a few days of my pay going into my bank account, I always was back in the red again.'
        3. 'Sometimes, the startup costs are high, and for a few years the business will run in the red.'
        4. 'Wilsden Primary has been left £54,000 in the red by crippling budget cuts.'
        5. 'He said more than five farms had been liquidated and the balance sheets of the remaining farms were in the red.'
        6. 'This paper last week reported that the average household is £24,000 in the red, excluding mortgages.'
        7. 'Both Trusts have a joint management structure and financial recovery plan to get them out of the red over the next three years.'
        8. 'Towards the end of the month however, Joe tends to slip into the red by up to £300.'
        9. 'A film with a budget of this size but without stars to lure moviegoers is unlikely to stay out of the red.'
        10. 'Other banks charge daily or monthly ‘overdraft management’ fees when you're in the red.'
        11. 'Of course, the best way to deal with debt is never to get into the red in the first place.'
        12. 'The proposals have been given a mixed response by consumer groups as new research highlights how far UK consumers have fallen into the red.'


        1. any of various colors resembling the color of blood; the primary color at one extreme end of the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 610 and 780 nanometers.

        2. something red.

        3. (often initial capital letter) Older Slang: Usually Disparaging. a radical leftist in politics, especially a Communist.

        4. Informal. red light (def 1).

        5. Informal. red wine: a glass of red.

        6. Also called red devil, red bird. Slang. a capsule of the drug secobarbital, usually

        More examples(as adjective)

        "people can be red in faces."

        "hands can be red from things."

        "waters can be red with bloods."

        "places can be red in/at/on dates."

        "people can be red of faces."

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        (red)Old English rēad, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch rood and German rot, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin rufus, ruber, Greek eruthros, and Sanskrit rudhira ‘red’.


        better dead than red (or better red than dead)
        red as a beetroot
        red in tooth and claw
        the red planet
        a red rag to a bull
        reds under the bed
        see red