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Build or form (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed.
  1. 'Tympanoplasty is a surgical procedure done to reconstruct the ear bone system to improve the hearing abilities in a person.'
  2. 'He has also followed their fortunes in the post-war period, showing how they rehabilitated their careers and reconstructed their network of activities.'
  3. 'Repairs to Fifth Street were expected to take a month or two, to reconstruct the destroyed roadway and sidewalks.'
  4. 'Much technology was lost, destroyed in rioting and chaos, and reconstructing it would be the work of generations.'
  5. 'Back in 1988, after that infamous tackle, he had to rebuild his career following a two-year hiatus once surgeons had reconstructed his right knee.'
  6. '‘We are desilting drains wherever necessary and reconstructing the retaining walls of damaged and collapsed storm water drains,’ said Mr Gowda.'
  7. 'But fortunately, for Mozambique, the war ended, and people began reconstructing the country and rebuilding their lives.'
  8. 'A civil affairs official said the government was speeding ahead with plans to reconstruct the heavily damaged city.'
  9. 'Instead of boarding, the ceiling was reconstructed using 1.5in thick plaster on mesh as a fire retardant.'
  10. 'In less than a year, people here have reconstructed their lives and are now beginning to rebuild a new future.'
  11. 'later emperors reconstructed the army'
  12. 'The reconstructed army and police force, who recently refused to fight insurgency, cannot resolve the law and order problem.'
  13. 'Herriot had reconstructed the party from the bottom up, from its local committees and regional federations, in preparation for a revival of the old formula of republican concentration.'
  14. 'Dewey wanted to reconstruct philosophy to be a force of social reform and was personally involved in projects designed to bring about concrete changes in society.'
  15. 'The microprocessor can be linked to a computer loaded with software that can read and analyze the collected material and reconstruct the accident.'
  16. 'There are countless untold and newly reconstructed stories.'
  17. 'Journalists, novelists, poets, playwrights, historians, and film-makers have all reconstructed the affair and put it to various uses.'
  18. 'Geologists have devised a number of clever ways to reconstruct the past movements of tectonic plates.'
  19. 'Wildlife biologist Bruce Hampton carefully reconstructs the history of salmon, beginning 50 million years ago when salmon first evolved.'
  20. 'Using extensive interviews with survivors on both sides, as well as after-action reports by the U.S. Army itself, he reconstructs the battle with cold-blooded precision.'
  21. 'He argued the court had erred in disagreeing with experts who had reconstructed the accident.'
  22. 'From this, the experts have been able to reconstruct a three-dimensional computer model of what the forum - twice the size of the tribunal at Pompeii - would have looked like.'
  23. 'He painstakingly reconstructs the author's life, from his youth in America to his later years in England when he was at the height of his fame.'
  24. 'It dramatically reconstructs the Games of 448BC and examines the philosophies behind the Games and their importance to future generations.'

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1. to construct again; rebuild; make over.

2. to re-create in the mind from given or available information: to reconstruct the events of the murder.

3. Historical Linguistics. to arrive at (hypothetical earlier forms of words, phonemic systems, etc.) by comparison of data from a later language or group of related languages.

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"people can be reconstruct at times."

"people can be reconstruct."