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Build up again from parts; reconstruct.
  1. 'Now, with his note cards for backup, he was reconstituting his original speech from memory.'
  2. 'Specimens are rarely found in one unbroken piece, and the process of reconstituting them is akin to completing a jigsaw puzzle.'
  3. 'The delay in handing down judgment has been due to difficulties in reconstituting the court.'
  4. 'The legislation aims to reconstitute the existing government postal department as a profit-making corporation - the first step towards the complete privatisation of the postal service.'
  5. 'Other leading businesses were reconstituted and rechristened, their new names often evocative of revolutionary myths, personalities, or imagery.'
  6. 'Hopefully that new government, after June 30th, will be able to reconstitute their army, which is what I hope they will do.'
  7. 'We recommend that the Intelligence and Security Committee be reconstituted as a select committee of the House of Commons.'
  8. 'However, this Committee was not reconstituted after the Cabinet changes last autumn.'
  9. 'The government has reconstituted the prime minister's advisory council on trade.'
  10. 'My understanding is the committee will be reconstituted this year.'
  11. 'In the U.S., the people themselves can reconstitute all branches of the government - by voting for certain candidates instead of others, of course, and by thus affecting political appointments.'
  12. 'We are going to reconstitute the Court for the next case, so we will adjourn now and resume at 2 pm.'
Restore (dried food or drink) to its original state by adding water.
  1. 'The product starts off as real blood, which goes through a process to turn it into a powder that can be reconstituted as needed.'
  2. 'The samples were reconstituted in 1.7 ml of deionized water.'
  3. 'You reconstitute dried formula with water - although ‘ready-to-feed’ formula is also available in cartons.'
  4. 'It had to be reconstituted with sterile water but none was available.'
  5. 'It can be shipped dry, and then, when it reaches clinics, it can be reconstituted with water and injected.'
  6. 'Soak the mushrooms in 2.5 tbsp hot water for ten minutes or until reconstituted, and add to mixture with water (if you use fresh mushrooms, just chop finely and add the water before blending).'
  7. 'Please make sure that you don't reconstitute your infant formula with water that is not purified.'
  8. 'Nationally distributed brands of frozen fruit juice concentrate are safe if they are reconstituted by the user with water from a safe source.'
  9. 'They can then be soaked and reconstituted in water before using.'
  10. 'The dried food, which is reconstituted from its natural state by simply adding hot water, contains carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins, fats, herbs, vitamins, minerals and seaweed.'

More definitions

1. to constitute again; reconstruct; recompose.

2. to return (a dehydrated or concentrated food) to the liquid state by adding water: to reconstitute a bouillon cube with hot water. verb (used without object), reconstituted, reconstituting.

3. to undergo reconstitution; become reconstituted.

More examples(as adjective)

"units can be reconstituting."