Adjective "reconfigured" definition and examples

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Configure (something) differently.
  1. 'Then these titanic missiles were reconfigured to serve as more or less peaceful boosters to put satellites into space.'
  2. 'Congress is considering reconfiguring the formula for allocating money.'
  3. 'Experiences in the most formative years may well reconfigure the sensory cortices of individuals.'
  4. 'The cash will be used to reconfigure the biology research laboratories.'
  5. 'We are also asking the council to look at reconfiguring the inside of the building.'
  6. 'Implicitly, one has defined what it is to be a building, and reconfigured the world around this definition.'
  7. 'The company reconfigured its management structure to move decision-making further down the command chain.'
  8. 'We find ourselves in the current situation where, without reconfiguring health services, limited resources are spread too thinly, compromising the safety and quality of patient care.'
  9. 'Once they have access to the telephone system, the hackers are able to reconfigure it and then make as many calls as they want.'
  10. 'He has met local planning officials and agreed to reconfigure the existing car park and an open area previously used as a private facility.'

More definitions

1. to change the shape or formation of; remodel; restructure.

More examples(as adjective)

"sectors can be reconfigured."

"missions can be reconfigured."

"companies can be reconfigured."

"authorities can be reconfigured."