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Condition again.
  1. 'The use of hand lotion to recondition skin is considered most beneficial when the application is followed by a longer time period before washing occurs again.'
  2. 'Ignoring the fact that everyone thinks I'm crazy to get back on the bike, what are some things to watch out for as I recondition my body after a six-month layoff?'
  3. 'After they are taken out of cold storage, and before they can be processed, these tubers are reconditioned, that is, warmed for several weeks to lower the levels of sugar that accumulated.'
  4. 'The rest of the film deals with Newby's efforts to elude the Germans while slowly reconditioning his injured leg.'
  5. 'It is ludicrous to even consider that advanced extraterrestrials are traveling millions of light years across the universe (if they could find us in the first place) just to recondition our spiritual beliefs.'
  6. 'However, certain muscle groups must be reconditioned, especially for golf.'
  7. 'Another treatment that may help some people with insomnia is to recondition them to associate the bed and bedtime with sleep.'
  8. 'Blake wanted him in tip-top condition and reconditioned by the end of the week.'
  9. 'a reconditioned engine'
  10. 'It reconditions old computers donated by companies like J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and General Electric, then sells them to low-income families.'
  11. 'The seats were ripped out and the motor reconditioned.'
  12. 'Computer Aid international has launched a new appeal for companies and individuals to send it defunct PCs to be reconditioned and distributed to schools and community groups in the developing world.'
  13. 'Mr. Hindson decided to supplement his then earnings as an insulation contractor by founding a business reconditioning and selling on electrical goods.'
  14. 'Hank reconditioned the engine and Neil renovated the interior.'
  15. 'The reconditioned World War II vintage amphibious military vehicles can be seen prowling the streets and waterways of Dublin as part of a new tour initiative launched in March.'
  16. 'A 20-strong group, including Mrs Carter and Mrs Shepherd, went out with a lorry-load of equipment including several reconditioned sewing machines and knitting machines and set up their tents in the town.'
  17. 'He's just had a reconditioned lead-free engine put in.'
  18. '‘It will take a team of engineers four months to recondition each helicopter before they can be put back into service,’ he said.'
  19. 'The reconditioned, Internet-ready computers, printers and software have been handed over to the clubs for free - thanks to an initiative developed by Sheffield Out of School Network.'

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1. to restore to a good or satisfactory condition; repair; make over.

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"engines can be reconditioned."

"equipments can be reconditioned."

"appliances can be reconditioned."

"systems can be reconditioned."

"stores can be reconditioned."

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