Adjective "recomputed" definition and examples

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To recalculate; to compute again.

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    1. to determine by calculation; reckon; calculate: to compute the period of Jupiter's revolution.

    2. to determine by using a computer or calculator. verb (used without object), computed, computing.

    3. to reckon; calculate.

    4. to use a computer or calculator.

    5. Informal. to make sense; add up: His reasons for doing that just don't compute. noun

    6. computation: outer space that is vast beyond compute.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "factors can be recomputed for hours."

    "factors can be recomputed for datas."

    "factors can be recomputed."

    "rates can be recomputed."


    (compute)Mid 18th century. From re- + compute. Compare earlier recalculate.