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Compose again or differently.
  1. 'Taking a moment to come to terms with what had just happened, I recomposed myself and returned to my candelight supper, dazed but undaunted.'
  2. 'I recompose myself and make my way to the courtyard.'
  3. 'When I had sufficiently recovered, I sat up and recomposed myself.'
  4. 'You have to be prepared to put the camera down and recompose the shot before clicking that shutter, remembering at all times that what the camera ‘sees’ is not necessarily what you might be seeing with the naked eye.'
  5. 'Tyler and Kevin looked at each other in horror, but quickly recomposed themselves, turning back to Mrs. Andrews.'
  6. 'New York constantly composes and recomposes itself, and its electric vitality comes from the churning crowd.'
  7. 'Constantly reworking the paintings and recomposing elements, leads to a tactile surface, with the painting becoming an abstract image in its own right.'
  8. 'Finally, she recomposed herself as she grabbed the black travelling bag resting on the floor beside her.'
  9. 'The arrogance of some men… I stare at him in disgust, before quickly recomposing my face into a fake smile.'
  10. 'I was taken aback by his question for a second before I recomposed myself.'

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1. to compose again; reconstitute; rearrange.

2. to restore to composure or calmness.

More examples(as adjective)

"indexes can be recompose."