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Avoiding the company of other people; solitary.
  1. 'October sees the 100th anniversary of the death of the reclusive French artist.'
  2. 'He appears to be somewhat inadequate and has lived a sheltered, reclusive life.'
  3. 'So, having finally learnt that you can trust no-one, I guess I became reclusive.'
  4. 'In the years that followed, he became more violent and reclusive.'
  5. 'And what about the rumours that Kubrick was reclusive, obsessive and difficult to work with?'
  6. 'He received criticism for his eccentric and reclusive lifestyle and for his attempts to use cosmetic surgery to change his skin colour.'
  7. 'The film will feature Sarah Polley, a Canadian actress, as a reclusive nurse who abandons her first holiday in many years to work on a rig.'
  8. 'The reclusive Quaker became one of the most celebrated figures in chemistry when he presented his atomic theory in 1803.'
  9. 'He is also famously reclusive and chary of talking about his craft.'
  10. 'Anonymity is not an option when you're a dwarf, even a reclusive one.'


1. a person who lives in seclusion or apart from society, often for religious meditation.

2. Also, incluse. a religious voluntary immured in a cave, hut, or the like, or one remaining within a cell for life. adjective, none, recluse[ri-kloos, rek-loos]/rɪˈklus, ˈrɛk lus/, Also, reclusive

3. shut off or apart from the world; living in seclusion, often for religious reasons.

4. characterized by seclusion; solitary.

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"stars can be reclusive in lives."

"stars can be reclusive in exhibitionists."

"states can be reclusive."

"norths can be reclusive."

"people can be reclusive."

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