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Lean or lie back in a relaxed position with the back supported.
  1. 'a reclining figure'
  2. 'Men can take the weight off their feet by reclining on leather settees while watching international football and rugby on TV and being handed small quantities of beer, crisps and nuts by obliging sales staff.'
  3. 'To hear him speak now you would think they were reclining in a lounge.'
  4. 'He signed and reclined in the tub, resting his stiff neck on the padded edge.'
  5. 'Pampered pets can relax to the sounds of tranquil music as they recline on miniature lounge furniture in their luxury heated rooms.'
  6. 'He's reclining on a couch looking surprisingly relaxed and amused as he relates the story of how penury forced him into such an unusual career choice.'
  7. '‘John and I built this hotel for ourselves,’ says Bridget, reclining on a seductive-looking purple couch in one of 100 bedrooms.'
  8. 'I had been reclining here for over two hours, leaning against the arch.'
  9. 'Dimming the lights, Corrina kicked off her shoes and crawled onto her bed where Aaron was reclining, leaning his weight back on his elbows.'
  10. 'Women in various stages of undress reclined on loungers around the edge of the room and a beautifully ornate staircase dropped from its centre down to the spa facilities below.'
  11. 'Back at the Grand Hotel there is also a small outdoor pool at the lakeside and an ample terrace on which to recline in a deckchair.'
  12. 'all the seats recline'
  13. 'Personally, I think all airline seats should have a built-in switch that prevents seats from reclining.'
  14. 'Another minus: seats recline only to a 160-degree angle, not ideal for that night flight home.'
  15. 'The centre seats slide, recline or fold and the rearmost ones easily fold into the floor.'
  16. 'Nathan pulled on the lever on his seat allowing it to recline.'
  17. 'At a movie place in Acapulco I was at a couple of years ago, the seats reclined, and even with my legs stretched right out, I couldn't reach the seats in front of me.'
  18. 'This bus was deluxe, new with soft seats that reclined.'
  19. 'Because of the emergency exit, my seat did not recline!'
  20. 'For added comfort, its rear seats recline by 10 degrees.'
  21. 'First class passengers get, among other advantages such as better food and service, more space and a wider, more comfortable seat that reclines into a bed.'
  22. 'The company announced that it had returned to profitability in the third quarter due to raised fares and more business travellers who were attracted by features such as seats that fully recline on long-haul flights.'
  23. 'The guy ahead of me reclines his chair so far back into my face, it practically touches my nose.'
  24. 'Do not recline your seat just as the person behind you opens their food tray.'
  25. 'The rear bench seat can be tumbled, reclined or even detached, as well as slid backwards or forwards, and also allows each passenger to choose an individual and comfortable seating position.'
  26. 'Roll the window down, recline your seat, and snooze.'
  27. 'It's not so bad when the seat in front is up, but if they recline it then it presses rather painfully against my knees.'
  28. 'It turns out that she just isn't strong enough to pull the release handle that reclines the chair.'
  29. 'Lizzie pulled herself away from the hypnotic view the window had to offer and reclined her seat.'
  30. 'Irene, therefore, reclined her chair back, squashing the passengers in the row behind her.'
  31. 'Marcus reclined his seat a little and looked in the rear-view mirror to see another car pulled up behind theirs.'
  32. 'According to a spokesperson for the company, the airline asked 20,000 customers if they would prefer the person in front of them to be unable to recline their seat.'

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1. to lean or lie back; rest in a recumbent position. verb (used with object), reclined, reclining.

2. to cause to lean back on something; place in a recumbent position.

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"seats can be reclining."

"chairs can be reclining."

"positions can be reclining."

"nudes can be reclining."

"figures can be reclining."

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(recline)Late Middle English (in the sense ‘cause to lean back’): from Old French recliner or Latin reclinare ‘bend back, recline’, from re- ‘back’ + clinare ‘to bend’.