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Repeat aloud or declaim (a poem or passage) from memory before an audience.
  1. 'Friends of the 16-year-old recited poems and readings in her memory at a special assembly this week.'
  2. 'There are books to help children with their maths and science and teach them to recite poems and sing songs.'
  3. 'Anyone wishing to sing a song or recite a poem is welcome to do so.'
  4. 'As long as she was on the stage, they all stood correctly; simultaneously reciting a poem they had learned just for the occasion.'
  5. 'I prayed five times a day by bowing to Mecca and reciting passages from the Koran.'
  6. 'It was an opportunity for the student poets to recite their poems.'
  7. 'He concluded by reciting a poem ‘Remembrance’ which was written by a young girl.'
  8. 'Michael Franti stood on the stage quietly in front of 20,000 activists and recited a poem.'
  9. 'Sonia recited her poem for all the classes in the school at the final School Assembly on Friday 2nd of April.'
  10. 'Incense is passed around, poems are recited, a lute is played, and songs are sung.'
  11. 'she recited the dates and names of kings and queens'
  12. 'Her voice was cold as if she was merely reciting facts from a textbook.'
  13. 'The children were asked to recollect and recite the names of other participants!'
  14. 'When I read these names I feel like that young man reciting the names of the stations on the Paris metro.'
  15. 'Aitken recited the names and numbers of all the members of his platoon.'
  16. 'He pokes the figures with a prong and recites the names.'
  17. 'But every time we leave, she calls us back in, and weeps and laughs and touches our faces and recites our names, till my daughters get very puzzled and dart sidelong glances at me.'
  18. 'As each of their names was recited, a poppy was dropped from a museum balcony.'
  19. 'He didn't have a clue who I was, so was quite shocked when I leant across to recite his name and address.'
  20. 'He recites names, dates, places and conversations from childhood up to now.'
  21. 'I recite these names in part to illustrate the wide geographic dispersal of the scholars.'

More definitions

1. to repeat the words of, as from memory, especially in a formal manner: to recite a lesson.

2. to repeat (a piece of poetry or prose) before an audience, as for entertainment.

3. to give an account of: to recite one's adventures.

4. to enumerate. verb (used without object), recited, reciting.

5. to recite a lesson or part of a lesson for a teacher.

6. to recite or repeat something from memory.

More examples(as adjective)

"verses can be reciting."

"poetries can be reciting."

"poems can be reciting."


(recite)Late Middle English (as a legal term in the sense ‘state (a fact) in a document’): from Old French reciter or Latin recitare ‘read out’, from re- (expressing intensive force) + citare ‘cite’.