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Rare, exotic, or obscure.
  1. 'Wagner's ingeniousness with plot is matched by his cleverness with the recherché literary conceits - little touches that you can't help admiring, like statues in a boxwood maze, even as you hurry past.'
  2. 'He wrote these in the Forties, when medieval music was even more of a recherché taste than it is now.'
  3. 'Her first sortie into live comedy was a little too recherché for some audiences.'
  4. 'It is a simple, episodic tale - despite its intriguing, recherché information - which gives credit to children's capacity to learn anything.'
  5. 'The language is literate without being recherché, and we are kept in steady involvement and suspense.'
  6. 'Empiricists deny this: they think that even the most recherché mathematical ideas can be derived from sensory experience by abstraction and idealization.'


1. sought out with care.

2. very rare, exotic, or choice; arcane; obscure.

3. of studied refinement or elegance; precious; affected; pretentious.

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"bays can be recherche."

"perdus can be recherche."

"nights can be recherche."

"exigencies can be recherche."

"erms can be recherche."

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(recherché)French, literally ‘carefully sought out’, past participle of rechercher.