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Restore electrical energy in (a battery or a battery-operated device) by connecting it to a power supply.
  1. 'Instead, it uses a USB cable for hooking up to your PC, and a separate power supply for recharging the battery.'
  2. 'A hydrogen-powered car painted with the film could potentially convert enough energy into electricity to continually recharge the car's battery.'
  3. 'The motor's battery is recharged by an electric generator powered by a gasoline engine.'
  4. 'The larger longer term impact of hybrids will come not from greater fuel efficiency but rather from a shift toward using electric power outlets to recharge vehicle batteries.'
  5. 'Use of solar panels with photo-voltaic cells to recharge batteries was ruled out because it adds cost to the cell and requires additional recharging circuitry.'
  6. 'It uses its own braking motion to create power and recharge the battery, eliminating the need to plug it into any outside power source.'
  7. 'For recharging batteries in the field, external auxiliary power units could be used, but quieter solutions were desired.'
  8. 'A US developer is coming to market with a device which lets users recharge batteries using a foot-operated pump.'
  9. 'In a major technological accomplishment, the energy needed to recharge the internal battery is transmitted via radio waves - all without the need for wires.'
  10. 'Any electric car that uses batteries needs a charging system to recharge the batteries.'
  11. 'This camera and video recorder comes with a docking station that allows us to recharge the battery and connect the device to the PC.'
  12. 'It takes six hours to recharge fully but this can be done through a normal three-pin plug.'
  13. 'The rechargeable torch won't recharge, and the adding machine in my office is behaving strangely (lending some really strange forecast items to my new business plan).'
  14. 'Like all hybrids, their batteries recharge by recapturing energy from braking and cruising on highways.'
  15. 'This then transforms the energy into the direct current that the battery uses to recharge.'
  16. 'The other problem is that batteries need several hours to recharge.'
  17. 'Run the pointer over the plug to monitor how quickly your laptop is recharging.'
  18. 'we recharged our glasses'
  19. 'Paddy fields functioned as ‘storing ponds’ of rainwater and helped in recharging the groundwater.'
  20. 'Water is stored the way nature stores it in regenerated wetlands, recharged aquifers, and along recovered flood plains that are also refuges for wildlife.'
  21. 'By retaining the water in the drain, the aquifers have been recharged.'
  22. 'After development, precipitation no longer percolates through the soil to recharge the groundwater.'
  23. 'Yes, we catch the water through an embankment and the water recharges the underground aquifers.'
  24. 'This was all getting rather difficult by now and I began to regret recharging my glass before coming upstairs.'
  25. 'For centuries, this land has served to recharge groundwater, supporting vegetable growers, hosting hundreds of bird species.'
  26. 'There is a limit to the amount to which it will be possible to exploit groundwater aquifers without recharging them, and there has been much discussion and even a bit of action, about the need for constructing water harvesting structures.'
  27. 'Large, intact portions of the Cienega Corridor allow for rain and snowmelt to enter the ground and recharge our drinking water reservoirs.'
  28. 'The next day, both of them combed the farm in search of ideal locations for recharging groundwater.'
  29. 'It can take centuries for aquifers to recharge, so the world is currently running a groundwater overdraft of 200 billion cubic metres a year.'
  30. 'she needs a bit of time to recharge after giving so much of herself'


The replenishment of an aquifer by the absorption of water.
  1. 'Now the safe yield has been defined as the attainment and maintenance of a long-term balance between the amount of ground water withdrawn annually and the annual amount of recharge.'
  2. 'Southwest Nebraska still remains a concern due to effects from the prolonged drought on hydrological components including streamflow rates and reservoir recharge.'
  3. 'Important findings were the significance of permafrost in greatly reducing recharge during cold climates, and the development of increased transmissivity of the Chalk aquifer in the post-glacial period.'
  4. 'Condensation of water vapour in the atmosphere over the oceans returns it directly to its source, and its condensation over land accounts for surface flow, recharge of underground water aquifers, and plant and animal life.'
  5. 'One factor contributing to salinity is the raising of water tables as a result of accelerated recharge of underground water from irrigated land, which results in increased salt loads entering river systems.'
  6. 'The artificial recharge of aquifers could help to counter overexploitation of groundwater resources.'
  7. 'It's a natural drain for floodwaters and serves as a tremendous source of ground water recharge.'
  8. 'The construction of high-density housing will make much of the ground impermeable and thus will reduce recharge to the moraine.'
  9. 'The combined demand for water is currently greater than the area's natural recharge.'
  10. 'Extraction of water from aquifers in India exceeds recharge by a factor of two or more.'

More definitions

1. to charge again with electricity.

2. Informal. to refresh or restore; revitalize. verb (used without object), recharged, recharging.

3. to make a new charge, especially to attack again.

4. Informal. to revive or restore energy, stamina, enthusiasm, etc. noun

5. an act or instance of recharging.

6. Geology. the processes by which ground water is absorbed into the zone of saturation.

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"weeks can be recharged."

"stores can be recharged."

"people can be recharged."

"confidences can be recharged."

"batteries can be recharged."

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