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Willing to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas.
  1. 'the institution was receptive to new ideas'
  2. 'Sometimes, even if you think you're being totally reasonable, your mom may not be receptive to your suggestions.'
  3. 'We have sought to respond to their concerns and have been receptive to new ideas and theories put forward by them.'
  4. 'If other group members appraise him as a creative type, they are likely to be a receptive audience for his ideas, and he should fit into the group harmoniously.'
  5. 'People are open and receptive to timely suggestions on what to drink.'
  6. 'Even those who were most receptive to foreign ideas adapted them in line with traditional Russian concerns, interests and attitudes.'
  7. 'So far the government has proved receptive to the idea.'
  8. 'He attempts to settle his mother into the nursing home, but finds that her old friends aren't quite so receptive to the idea.'
  9. 'But were foresters, or for that matter loggers, receptive to this idea?'
  10. 'His ideas found a receptive audience in literate circles from Lisbon to Moscow, and they supply a convenient starting place for an examination of European political systems.'
  11. 'They must be open and receptive to the ideas of others.'
  12. 'Sensory isolation creates an alert and receptive state of mind, so floatation works well combined with hypnotherapy to treat smoking and weight problems'
  13. 'Infants may seem to be sleeping most of the time, but they're far more intelligent and receptive than most adults imagine.'
  14. 'Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, embedded dirt and toxins, and stimulates the skin, making it receptive to the nutrient-rich facial mask that should follow.'
  15. 'When searching for receptive females, males patrol around the habitat and stop to drum on the dry uppermost leaves on the ground.'
  16. 'In a variety of mammals, females must adopt a receptive posture for sexual intercourse to occur.'
  17. 'On the afternoon of estrus, the resident male appeared to actively defend the receptive female on his territory.'
  18. 'In the study, male meadow voles were paired with sexually receptive females in two cages.'
  19. 'While grooming, the male flying fox keeps his genitals exposed, indicating to nearby females that he is receptive to mating.'
  20. 'We watched both receptive and unreceptive females.'
  21. 'The mating ritual begins when the male visits receptive females.'
  22. 'Although the mice mated normally with receptive female mice, the females did not become pregnant.'
  23. 'During the breeding season, male foxes may closely follow sexually receptive females for several days, although this is not always the case.'
  24. 'In most mammals the female is only receptive to sex at certain times (when she is most likely to get pregnant).'


1. having the quality of receiving, taking in, or admitting.

2. able or quick to receive knowledge, ideas, etc.: a receptive mind.

3. willing or inclined to receive suggestions, offers, etc., with favor: a receptive listener.

4. of or relating to reception or receptors: a receptive end organ.

5. (in language learning) of or relating to the language skills of listening and reading (opposed to productive).

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be receptive to ideas."

"places can be receptive to proposals."

"societies can be receptive to traditions."

"places can be receptive to arguments."

"people can be receptive to things."

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