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Showing a desire to resist authority, control, or convention.
  1. 'Maintaining that they had at least struggled to suppress their own rebellious desires, they would not countenance their daughter's refusal to do the same.'
  2. 'In my experience this taps into children's thirst for moral absolutes, for a cause to believe in and fight for - even into their rebellious streak.'
  3. 'Others, then, have spotted that restless, rebellious streak in him, which made a military career impossible.'
  4. 'Maybe he gets his rebellious streak from his mother, who stood up to her whole family.'
  5. 'He couldn't boast of a youthful zest nor could he of a rebellious streak of fashion consciousness.'
  6. 'Betty's punctiliousness and house-cleanliness drive Peter mad; in turn, his strong rebellious streak and disobeying of her house orders get under her skin.'
  7. 'He has a stubborn streak and definite strains of a rebellious nature, partly cultivated by his circumstances, which give him an appetite for dispute.'
  8. 'Ask just about anyone and you'll soon find out that he is not your typical teenager with an unmistakable rebellious streak.'
  9. 'These social invitations are generally issued at moments when his rebellious desires become most manifest, and he invariably declines them.'
  10. 'I am reinforced in this finding by the evidence of the plaintiff's rebellious attitude towards school attendance and by his resistance to parental authority.'
  11. 'the rebellious republics'
  12. 'The state's authorities also felt that the rebellious people of Konigsberg probably deserved the treatment they got from the soldiers.'
  13. 'For much of the latter half of the 20th century, starting in the rebellious 1960s, the established order was suspect.'
  14. 'There is no denying the fact that the military operation in the rebellious republic is looked upon by Russian society as a virtual reality, as someone else's war, a horror movie that no one wants to watch.'
  15. 'He launched the second invasion to retake by force the rebellious republic.'
  16. 'Leaders fear that setting strict limits will either cause rebellious behavior or make them unpopular.'
  17. 'Thus, criticising young people and negatively stereotyping them as rebellious, met with strong aversion from the youth and children alike.'
  18. 'At the same time, the province of Songkhla, which had been rebellious since 1678, was placed under French control.'
  19. 'Although Hannibal's army consisted of men of various races, they were never rebellious because they feared their leader.'
  20. 'Other cartoons express a fear of collusion between British authorities, the rebellious Irish, and the Catholic Church.'
  21. 'His own ancestor had put down one of the rebellious leaders.'
  22. 'Her slender fingers raked into her ebony hair, holding the rebellious locks away from her face.'
  23. 'There was a breeze, and her rebellious hair began cascading down from the knot she'd put it in that morning.'
  24. 'Pushing a rebellious lock of hair away from her face, Violette moved slowly to where her mother was resting, bracing herself for all the reprimands she knew was going to come her way.'
  25. 'He ran a hand over his blonde hair, grimacing slightly at the rebellious strands that refused his taming attempts.'
  26. 'So upon deciding the fresh air might do me some good, I wrestled my rebellious hair into a ponytail, dressed, and headed out the door.'
  27. 'Jamie didn't let go of his chin, but brushed a rebellious lock of blonde hair off his forehead.'
  28. 'He pulled it back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck, with a few rebellious strands of hair in his eyes.'
  29. 'One is brown, loose, civilised, and there is this whirlwind next to it - the other - as black as the girl's rebellious hair.'


1. defying or resisting some established authority, government, or tradition; insubordinate; inclined to rebel.

2. pertaining to or characteristic of rebels or rebellion.

3. (of things) resisting treatment; refractory.

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"people can be rebellious to alls."

"people can be rebellious in spirits."

"people can be rebellious at times."

"metals can be rebellious at alls."

"people can be rebellious."

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