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(of weather, a period, or an area) having or characterized by considerable rainfall.
  1. 'Carling will try to convince the consumer that it is as Scottish as heather and rainy summers.'
  2. 'Poa bulbosa becomes dormant quite early in the growth season, well before the end of the rainy period.'
  3. 'The rainy weather definitely seems to have moved on as it is sunny this morning.'
  4. 'The water in the jail is cold, and the weather has turned rainy so there is very little sun.'
  5. 'There is something about rainy days that can make you feel strangely melancholic and happy at the same time.'
  6. 'In fact, the seed dispersal rate was notably higher when capsules dried after a rainy period.'
  7. 'I managed to get a short walk in between showers on what's been a mostly rainy day.'
  8. 'On rainy days, water cascading from the roof provides the area with a relaxing view.'
  9. 'Here, during the rainy season, rapid bubbling rivers flow along the bottoms of these chasms.'
  10. 'The state government blamed cold and rainy weather for the programme's shortcomings.'


1. characterized by rain: rainy weather; a rainy region.

2. wet with rain: rainy streets.

3. bringing rain: rainy clouds.

More examples(as adjective)

"weeks can be rainy as lasts."

"weathers can be rainy in places."

"seasons can be rainy."

"weathers can be rainy."

"days can be rainy."

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Old English rēnig (see rain, -y).


a rainy day