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The condensed moisture of the atmosphere falling visibly in separate drops.
  1. 'it's pouring with rain'
  2. 'He looked up at the sky, and several more drops of rain fell on his face.'
  3. 'It poured with rain continually; there were floods in the north of the country.'
  4. 'Weather effects like sand storms or heavy rain and snowfall shorten your units' line of sight and cut their air supply.'
  5. 'His hair and clothes were getting soaked as rain poured in through a large hole where part of the doors had been torn off.'
  6. 'Turning over, I saw rain falling in heavy drops outside of my window.'
  7. 'The skies opened up and the cool September rain poured down in deluge upon the armory at Teaneck.'
  8. 'It was odd that not too far away, it was probably pouring rain, while it was humid and sunny where Kace stood.'
  9. 'Almost as if imitating me, a large rumble of thunder echoed throughout the sky and large drops of rain began to fall, hard.'
  10. 'Sure enough it began to drizzle rain followed with a downpour.'
  11. 'Winter storms normally bring ordinary rain, freezing rain and sleet as well as snow.'
  12. 'Heavy earth-moving equipment sent in to clear the mudflows are failing to make headway as torrential rains continue to fall in the region.'
  13. 'These provinces have the best rainfall, but steep gradients and poor farming ensure that, when rains do fall, rivers run brown.'
  14. 'The Eastern Province Agricultural Union president welcomed the good rains which had fallen throughout the province.'
  15. 'The heavy rains over the past week continue to cause doubts about yet another summer like last year.'
  16. 'The city's distinct terrain makes it particularly vulnerable to the storm surges, heavy rains and high winds of a hurricane.'
  17. 'Good general rains fell in 1996, easing the situation until the onset of the next El Niño in 1997.'
  18. 'Full rivers and overflowing dams have been reported in the northern region of the province as rains continue to fall.'
  19. 'During climate extremes, whether droughts or flooding rains, those on the land feel it most.'
  20. 'Fall rains are sometimes unpredictable, even in the wettest climates.'
  21. 'The drought loosened its grip in the southeastern States in November, and more emphatically so in January 1941, when heavy rains fell.'
  22. 'he fell under the rain of blows'
  23. 'The Cityboys formed a rough circle, ignoring the rain of lead that fell on them from above.'
  24. 'His hand went up to his face and before he had a chance to wonder what had caused it, a rain of small pebbles fell from the sky.'
  25. 'Few of us walk into the office to a rain of boos or are subjected nightly to the possibility of public failure and humiliation.'
  26. 'Then comes a rain of law suits - he is suing people for a hundred million rupees.'
  27. 'And then there is Tessie, taking the rain of abuse and indignities with long-suffering resignation.'
  28. 'I suppose Jin thinks I am a weeping waif, looking for a poor soul to shed her troubles on in a rain of sobs and runny noses.'
  29. 'Everyone hung their heads in reverence, and awaited the moment when the rain of meteors would came down.'
  30. 'Under a constant rain of enemy fire, my plane is hit again and again.'
  31. 'Her eyes popped in surprise as a rain of sparks cascaded from my hair.'
  32. 'This year, he received a strong response from his fans, but nothing like the rain of adulation he generated last year.'


Rain falls.
  1. 'When air gets hot it rises, it turns into clouds and it starts raining.'
  2. 'There is no electric display telling you of the next station, but you do get a cheery conductor who can criticise the beautiful morning, when it is raining.'
  3. 'I hope it is raining when you are reading this column because I will be lying on a beach in Salou this week.'
  4. 'Rainy season really started with a vengeance today, so the walk to the station was a little damp as it was raining and humid.'
  5. 'Summer ended today - yesterday I nearly wore my shorts out, and now it is raining outside and cold.'
  6. 'It was fantastic to be living there, apart from the fact it rained all week.'
  7. 'Being six foot two is not a good thing when it rains - you constantly run the risk of an umbrella jabbing into your neck or, worse, eye.'
  8. 'It is easiest to check for leaks and blockages when it is raining.'
  9. 'Now, a road makes the climb easier, but if it is raining or snowing, you still need some luck getting there.'
  10. 'As usual the forecast was wrong and it rained all day but despite this, we had a very good time.'
  11. 'the low sky raining over tower'd Camelot'
  12. 'I have an image of my house with a small cloud continuously raining over it like the house where the Munster's lived.'
  13. 'Farther away, they could see a low patch of clouds in the sky that was raining.'
  14. no object 'bombs rained down'
  15. 'The sun was hot by now, the wind had become brisk, and the melting edges sent mini-avalanches of gravel raining down.'
  16. 'Unlike Kuiper belt comets, Oort cloud comets can rain down on the inner solar system from any angle and any direction.'
  17. 'He began stomping his feet on the floor sending plaster raining down on the man and the woman.'
  18. 'It was November 19, 1940, and the bombs rained down for hours and hours.'
  19. 'No one knows the total number, but upwards of 2000 Afghans fleeing the bombs and missiles raining down inside their country have come here.'
  20. 'As the fighting factions are physically restrained, the verbal blows rain down harder than ever.'
  21. 'Trapped Rafah residents huddled in the innermost rooms of their homes as bullets rained outside.'
  22. 'The bombs will still be raining down there and terrified people on leaky boats will still be arriving.'
  23. 'Bombs burst from above like rolling cracks of thunder as shrapnel rained down from the sky, expended from death black clouds.'
  24. 'As we speak, people are forced to deal with our government in the form of bombs raining down on their homes.'
  25. 'it was just raining glass'
  26. 'I guess it was raining men in that decade of my mind.'
  27. 'There were also outfits that let them kick their heels up ‘when it's raining men’.'
  28. 'Above was nothing, but a pale pink glow even as it rained flowers.'

More definitions

1. water that is condensed from the aqueous vapor in the atmosphere and falls to earth in drops more than 1/50 inch (0.5 mm) in diameter.Compare drizzle (def 6).

2. a rainfall, rainstorm, or shower: We had a light rain this afternoon.

3. rains, the rainy season; seasonal rainfall, as in India.

4. weather marked by steady or frequent rainfall: We had rain most of last summer.

5. a heavy and continuous descent or inflicting of anything: a rain of blows; a rain of vituperatio

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"futures can be rain in areas."

"consumers can be rain."

"weathers can be rain."

"troops can be rain."

"tacks can be rain."

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Old English regn (noun), regnian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch regen and German Regen.


be rained off