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Suitable for or worth quoting.
  1. 'This film is eminently quotable, as it quotes many sources itself.'
  2. 'In the ‘more things change, the more they stay the same’ department, here's a quotable quote.'
  3. 'Oh, and it's definitely for me, it's the most hilarious comedy I've seen at the cinema for a long, long time, full of immensely quotable lines and an absolutely awesome supporting cast.'
  4. 'The disappointment will stem from the fact that a single viewing is not enough to leave a vivid memory of a single line of quotable dialogue or a scene that has real emotional impact.'
  5. 'This novel may have contained the highest number of classic quotable lines in history.'
  6. 'He showers you with quotable quotes and his interviews are peppered with sensational statements.'
  7. 'There are better, more quotable lyrics throughout the album.'
  8. 'He has received several teaching awards, as well as the unprecedented award of being ‘the most quotable professor’ by MathSoc.'
  9. 'It was a genuinely fun wee low-budget film, and contained a million instantly quotable lines.'
  10. 'His achievements in football were unbelievable, but he succeeded in transcending all that and became one of the most interesting and quotable characters in the country.'


1. able to be quoted or easily quoted, as by reason of effectiveness, succinctness, or the like: the most quotable book of the season.

2. suitable or appropriate for quotation: His comments were hilarious but unfortunately not quotable.

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"quotes can be quotable."

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"quips can be quotable."

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