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A fixed share of something that a person or group is entitled to receive or is bound to contribute.
  1. 'There is a very restrictive quota regime in place and fishermen are not catching that quota because the salmon isn't there.'
  2. 'There is no quota on the total number of animals that landowners may kill, though they are restricted to one mountain lion per person.'
  3. 'The police have to fill a daily quota of arrests, so they seize people at random.'
  4. 'Almost half the boats in Scotland's white fish fleet have already caught their annual haddock and cod quota entitlements this year, despite being restricted to only 15 days a month at sea.'
  5. 'This opens up large chunks of available storage, yet users probably won't fill their total quota right away, if ever.'
  6. 'The chief of the prefecture-wide drug squad was also in danger of missing government quotas for arrests.'
  7. 'If it is accepted that allocation of water rights would be made according to equal per capita shares, the total quota of each side would be proportional to the population size.'
  8. 'Each area was given a quota based on the total historic catch.'
  9. 'Many people complain that local police and judges are given arrest quotas.'
  10. 'The government imposed arrest quotas on local authorities and threatened to sack provincial governors who failed to meet them.'
  11. 'Attendees will have the opportunity to get full details on the new partnership for parents and son/daughter, how to apply for a milk quota and the criteria required.'
  12. 'Fishermen tried as hard as they could, but could only catch 122,000 of the 190,000-ton cod quota for 1991.'
  13. 'If they can demonstrate that this is achievable they could be entitled to more quota to keep the economy buzzing.'
  14. 'Smaller companies without political pull will be liquidated if they don't fill the quota; larger companies will be left alone.'
  15. 'Since then radical reforms such as adoption quotas and time limits for parents ensure that adoption is a genuine possibility for many of these children.'
  16. 'Then there was the Party itself to be purged, and spies and saboteurs to be rooted out by sending arrest quotas to every region.'
  17. 'With demand for housing continuing, it was realised that more homes were needed in order to fill Government quotas.'
  18. 'the country may be exceeding its OPEC quota of 1,100,000 barrels of oil per day'
  19. 'Under the curb, effective for 200 days, higher tariffs will be imposed if imports exceed quotas allocated to importers.'
  20. 'He said higher export quotas guaranteed a secure market for the local sugar industry and were a basis for growth, which led to employment creation.'
  21. 'Thousands of officials found employment in allocating and policing quotas in importing and exporting countries.'
  22. 'Both the EU and the French government will come under pressure to fork over handouts to struggling vintners and to push for quotas on New World imports.'
  23. 'Between now and 2005, tariffs will be slashed on a wide variety of products, and all import quotas will be abolished.'
  24. 'Labour-intensive export industries such as clothing and textiles, which have been limited by export quotas, will absorb most of the new jobs.'
  25. 'The government will also abolish import permissions and export quotas.'
  26. 'As tariffs fell, the focus shifted to eliminating import quotas, which distort market behavior and the allocation of resources.'
  27. 'The increase meant the producers exceeded their official quotas by 8.7 percent, according to the report.'
  28. 'The main methods are tariffs and quotas to limit imports, plus production subsidies and export subsidies to sustain farm activity and disperse the output.'
  29. 'the removal of entry quotas encouraged young people to enter universities'
  30. 'To raise the enrollment quota of aboriginal students, the new system will add 20 percent instead.'
  31. 'Combined, these groups report on every aspect of public policy; from changes to the minimum wage to immigration quotas to health care reform.'
  32. 'Because tribalism creeps in through the way we make appointments to public offices, offer scholarships to students, grant quotas, concessions and contracts to individuals.'
  33. 'Largely foreigners, these newcomers flooded in after the U.S. relaxed its immigration quotas in 1965.'
  34. 'The US is somewhat unique (although not alone) in using categories with set quotas to regulate immigrants coming to this country.'
  35. 'The 2003 Electoral Law allows a quota of 30 percent for women representatives in the legislative body.'
  36. 'These repatriates could only return to the United States as one of the annual quota of 50 immigrants.'
  37. 'So they actually ended up stowed away on a cargo plane - they weren't allowed on because they didn't make the quota for immigration.'
  38. 'The University is considering plans to introduce more rigorous target quotas for admissions of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.'
  39. 'That final count saw Behan, Clear, Callaghan, Scully and Power elected without having reached the quota of 691 votes on Sunday evening.'
  40. 'The National Assembly system is based on quotas so no one group will hold a majority.'
  41. 'A quota is established as the number of votes a candidate requires to be elected.'
  42. 'This could see a number of candidates being elected without achieving the quota of votes that has been required in the past.'
  43. 'The non-party councillor got 1790 votes and was elected on the first count having exceeded the quota by 690 votes.'
  44. 'To win the branch vote, a candidate must reach the quota, which is 50% + 1.'
  45. 'He got a nod for the party at a council election as a candidate some years back but narrowly missed the quota to get elected.'
  46. 'In that election, he achieved the highest Fianna Fail vote relative to the quota and achieved the fourth highest overall poll in the country.'
  47. 'In general most people voted for local candidates although none got a big enough quota to be elected.'
  48. 'London's Lord Mayor and aldermen were again commanded to a levy: and they responded by locking the doors on their packed parish churches until their quotas were filled.'

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1. the share or proportional part of a total that is required from, or is due or belongs to, a particular district, state, person, group, etc.

2. a proportional part or share of a fixed total amount or quantity.

3. the number or percentage of persons of a specified kind permitted to enroll in a college, join a club, immigrate to a country, etc.

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Early 17th century: from medieval Latin quota (pars) ‘how great (a part)’, feminine of quotus, from quot ‘how many’.