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Resembling, fit for, or appropriate to a queen.
  1. 'Maybe it's time for a real break anyway, rather than these forced little queenly waves from the carriage of my worldly cares.'
  2. 'While Mary successfully projected queenly serenity, her place in political theory was another matter.'
  3. 'In either case, the story of queenly beauty would not be complete without the recognition that royal women have traditionally had far more chances than the average woman of actually being beautiful.'
  4. 'It's easy - and sometimes fun - to mock her queenly stature and cult following.'
  5. 'Before the Second World War, actresses who played Titania usually aimed at an ethereal, queenly elegance and beauty.'
  6. 'At her Julien Park, Diego Martin home, a gaunt, queenly 87-year-old Hazel sat on a sofa, staring into space.'
  7. 'I came down and, in a pillared hall within the temple, the emperor stood in regal splendour - a queenly woman beside him - caught in a moment of deep crisis.'
  8. 'Just four months before Pearl Harbor the queenly Augusta had carried President Roosevelt to a quiet Newfoundland bay for the first of many historic meetings with Winston Churchill.'
  9. 'And beyond those queenly duties, every other task in the hive - from gathering pollen to feeding larvae to flapping wings for air flow to cool the hive - can be done by any bee.'
  10. 'She was a remarkably beautiful woman for her age, queenly and graceful.'


1. belonging or proper to a queen: queenly propriety.

2. befitting, or suggestive of, a queen: queenly grace. adverb

3. in a queenly manner.

More examples(as adjective)

"mothers can be queenly."

"fashions can be queenly."