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Each of four equal groups into which a population can be divided according to the distribution of values of a particular variable.
  1. 'Children in the upper quartile of the blood-lead-concentration distribution donated another blood sample in February 1993.'
  2. 'The initial categories were created by stratifying lesions into quartiles according to size.'
  3. 'The resulting distributions for men and women were divided into quartiles.'
  4. 'Here we would like to estimate the quartiles of the distribution of age at leaving home, within categories of covariates.'
  5. 'Disparities in college enrollment by family income quartiles are almost as large today as they were thirty years ago.'

More definitions

1. Statistics. (in a frequency distribution) one of the values of a variable that divides the distribution of the variable into four groups having equal frequencies.Compare first quartile, median, third quartile.

2. Astrology. a quartile aspect. adjective

3. Astrology. of or relating to the aspect of two heavenly bodies when their longitudes differ by 90°.

More examples(as adjective)

"stocks can be quartile."

"returns can be quartile."


Late 19th century: from medieval Latin quartilis, from Latin quartus ‘fourth’.