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A regimental officer, usually commissioned from the ranks, responsible for administering barracks, laying out the camp, and looking after supplies.
  1. 'The commissary, a commissioned officer, handled food procurement and, like the quartermaster, on many questions answered directly to his superiors in the national capital rather than to the army commander.'
  2. 'It later appeared that the quartermaster had ‘borrowed’ these when army supplies ran low after the Battle of Fredericksburg.'
  3. 'Of equal, if less spectacular, importance, the Empire's quartermasters and military engineers were the finest in the world.'
  4. 'As a deployment builds up some quartermasters can find themselves short of kit and that could be the case here.'
  5. 'If only the quartermaster had supplied us with ammunition instead of tracts no one could decipher.'
  6. 'During the Civil War Gilmer held a variety of staff positions, including quartermaster and adjutant general of the Hilliard Alabama Legion.'
  7. 'Although these vessels were contracted through the Army quartermaster, a naval officer - Lt George M. Totten - designed them.'
  8. 'Since Southern rails were scarcely equipped to carry even essential supplies, endowing the quartermaster with this authority often meant giving him plenipotentiary power over most railroad activities.'
  9. 'He was appointed quartermaster of a militia brigade and contributed his own money for the purpose.'
  10. 'The Tarlac Advance Depot quartermaster, supporting the North Luzon force, broke his supplies up into division-size lots before withdrawing in the hopes that retreating units could grab them on the run.'
A naval petty officer with particular responsibility for steering and signals.
  1. 'They went belowdecks to the quarters of the quartermaster.'
  2. 'Two shares went to the captain, one and a half shares to the quartermaster, and one share each to the crew members.'
  3. 'Soon CGS Varuna was cast off, with her quartermaster and sailor saluting the two stationary IN survey ships, Sutlej and Jamuna.'
  4. 'Steering was carried out from a position forward of this by a quartermaster manning the ship's wheel, which connected cables to the tiller flat below.'
  5. 'A quartermaster works on Moreau's LCAC as a navigator.'
  6. 'In fact, the Coast Guard allowed Sea Scouts with the rank of quartermaster to take the helm of the small boat during recovery operations with the Sockeye.'

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1. Military. an officer charged with providing quarters, clothing, fuel, transportation, etc., for a body of troops.

2. Navy. a petty officer having charge of signals, navigating apparatus, etc.

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"people can be quartermaster."