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Done, produced, or occurring once every quarter of a year.
  1. 'Those rank branch boards meet on a quarterly basis, four meetings per year.'
  2. 'Occasional focus groups, quarterly meetings, customer surveys and direct mailings simply won't suffice.'
  3. 'The Midland Health Board has launched a quarterly newsletter to keep foster carers informed on issues, events and developments relevant to fostering.'
  4. 'China Steel announced last month that it would increase local steel prices by an average of 7.5 percent in the second quarter, making it the fifth-straight quarterly price hike.'
  5. 'When will they again concentrate on the product and not what the latest quarterly dividend or share price happens to be?'
  6. 'The move to quarterly reporting, in line with US financial reporting, came in recognition of the fact that US investors now control half of the share register.'
  7. 'I was informed there would be a quarterly charge of $10 for the maintenance and reading of the meters.'
  8. 'SGI hopes the move will cut $100 million off its quarterly operating expenses bill once its forks out $20 million in redundancy payments.'
  9. 'That figure also represents the UK market's highest quarterly growth rate for almost four years, the researcher added.'
  10. 'By meeting targets, Intel would have its first quarterly sales gain from year-ago levels after four straight declines.'
(of a shield or charge) divided into four (or occasionally more) subdivisions by vertical and horizontal lines.


    Once every quarter of a year.
    1. 'Payments may be made weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.'
    2. 'Develop risk mitigation, incident response and business continuity plans, and test these procedures quarterly to annually, depending on best practices.'
    3. 'Customs officials make inspections quarterly, but in addition to these routine inspections, special inspections by Customs audit personnel can be done at any reasonable time.'
    4. 'Remember to set aside money every month for expenses that are billed quarterly or annually, like insurance or property taxes.'
    5. 'Although he reviews all the company's information security policies quarterly, he says it is important not to flood users with so much information that it becomes difficult to absorb.'
    6. 'Set aside time to reassess your plans and targets quarterly and yearly.'
    7. 'Each employee sets goals quarterly and receives four performance reviews a year.'
    8. 'While the U.S. Coast Guard inspects ships' treatment systems quarterly, it does not collect and test effluent samples.'
    9. 'The writing and production team meet monthly, quarterly and bi-annually to develop both characters and storylines.'
    10. 'The resident is evaluated formally at both sites quarterly to ensure objectives are met and the resident is achieving desired goals.'
    In the four, or in two diagonally opposite, quarters of a shield.


      A magazine or journal that is published four times a year.
      1. 'It reminds us of McSweeney's for its effortless appearance, although this is disingenuous, as both are of course just as contrived as the glossiest of fashion quarterlies.'
      2. 'Most major cities have daily and weekly newspapers; in all, there are 20 dailies, 35 weeklies, 33 fortnightlies, 152 monthlies, and 111 quarterlies.'
      3. 'Fall brings about many amazing things - dry leaves, morning frost, vivid orange and red hues, and, of course, fall editions of quarterlies.'
      4. 'Ude draws on his own experience as the editor of aRUDE, a quarterly of fashion and culture published in New York.'
      5. 'Founders Dana M. Powell and Shannon Bonnet plan to launch the publication as a quarterly in the fall of 2002.'
      6. 'His piece, written before September 11, 2001, appeared in Parameters, a U.S. Army War College quarterly.'
      7. 'I'd already been reading Kenneth Burke on my own for several years - I read a lot of criticism and literary quarterlies.'
      8. 'It was published as a quarterly for eight years, after which the issues became very erratic because of a low subscriber base and a lack of a full-time staff.'
      9. 'For the most part, Johnsonian ideas about biography appeared only in literary magazines, some of which took their cues from British quarterlies, while republican ideas dominated biographies themselves.'
      10. 'Smoke is a kind of London fanzine, first published in June, successful enough to be out again this month, and scheduled to be quarterly in the future.'


      1. occurring, done, paid, issued, etc., at the end of every quarter of a year: a quarterly report; quarterly interest.

      2. pertaining to or consisting of a quarter. noun, plural quarterlies.

      3. a periodical issued every three months. adverb

      4. by quarters; once each quarter of a year: The bank pays interest quarterly.

      5. Heraldry. with division into four quarters. in the four quarters of an escutcheon.

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