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An animal which has four feet, especially an ungulate mammal.
  1. as modifier 'primitive quadruped simian species'
  2. 'The quadruped stood on all four of its legs, its silver-grey synthetic fur shining, the false yellow eyes gleaming intensely.'
  3. 'We should be able to tell the size of his average step, how his chest muscles worked, and if he was truly a quadruped or if he was bipedal.'
  4. 'Not surprisingly, crurotarsans are much more likely to be obligate quadrupeds than are ornithodires.'
  5. 'Let there be happiness in our home both for bipeds and quadrupeds.'
  6. 'Horses, and other quadrupeds, also have scope for functional specialisation between limbs.'
  7. 'At least in quadrupeds, the weight of the lung is only a minor determinant of nonuniform transpulmonary pressures and alveolar volumes.'
  8. 'A quadruped can be stable with only three feet on the ground.'
  9. 'Finally, if the quadrupeds don't alarm T. R. enough, the bipeds will.'
  10. 'Such strange visions appeared during my delirium, beach demons with claws, odd quadrupeds, wings that staggered through dusk.'
  11. 'All the permissible domesticated or reared quadrupeds can be offered for Qurbani.'

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1. four-footed. noun

2. an animal, especially a mammal, having four feet.

More examples(as adjective)

"species can be quadruped."

"ms can be quadruped."

"ceratopsians can be quadruped."


Mid 17th century: from French quadrupède or Latin quadrupes, quadruped-, from quadru- ‘four’ + pes, ped- ‘foot’.