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A four-sided figure.
  1. 'The students were also not aware of relationships among quadrilaterals, such as whether all squares are rectangles or vice versa.'
  2. 'Consider the first nontrivial instance of the equal-area problem, the quadrilateral shown in Figure 1.'
  3. 'It's this quadrilateral KLMN we are going to be interested in.'
  4. 'In Treatise on the quadrilateral al-Tusi gave the first extant exposition of the whole system of plane and spherical trigonometry.'
  5. 'The cross sectional outline is a quadrilateral having a foot surface, a dorsum and two ‘sides.’'
  6. 'The complete quadrilateral is nothing but a 4-line in Morley's terminology.'
  7. 'The terrain I generated had a total of over 570000 quadrilaterals.'
  8. 'For a quadrilateral ABCD find P minimising AP + BP + CP + DP.'
  9. 'These are known as the diagonals of the complete quadrilateral.'
  10. 'The square, another bench mark, has the smallest contour ratio of all quadrilaterals.'


Having four straight sides.
  1. 'He said it had been decided to construct service roads for the highways being built under the golden quadrilateral project.'
  2. 'It is clear from the quadrilateral case that these spaces have several connected components.'
  3. 'The perimeter wall, up to 2.75 m. thick, encloses an irregular quadrilateral area of about 1.59 ha.'
  4. 'The motifs and figures represented include polychrome images of bison, masks, and quadrilateral signs of unknown meaning.'
  5. 'It turns out there are many different pairs of quadrilateral shapes that form a nonperiodic tiling pattern.'
  6. 'I am quite aware of the danger in the curved shapes in contrast to the relative safety of quadrilateral shapes.'


1. having four sides. noun

2. a plane figure having four sides and four angles.

3. something of this form.

4. Geometry. a figure formed by four straight lines that have six points of intersection. a polygon with four sides.

5. the space enclosed between and defended by four fortresses.

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"meetings can be quadrilateral."

"ministers can be quadrilateral."

"groups can be quadrilateral."

"talks can be quadrilateral."

"negotiations can be quadrilateral."

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Mid 17th century: from late Latin quadrilaterus (from Latin quadri- ‘four’ + latus, later- ‘side’) + -al.