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Relating to or serving as a pronoun.
  1. 'This turns out to be unexplained under the pronominal anaphor account: if a long-distance reflexive were a pronominal anaphor, it would be expected to be bound in the matrix sentence.'
  2. 'Furthermore, demonstrative nominal and demonstrative pronominal anaphors appeared to function quite differently in expressing differences in transition stages of discourse referents.'
  3. 'Some of his corrections really did have to do with grammar or syntax, such as his insistence on maintaining consistent parallel structure and pronominal reference.'
  4. 'The numeral plus classifier can be used in a pronominal sense.'


1. Grammar. pertaining to, resembling, derived from, or containing a pronoun: “My” in “my book” is a pronominal adjective. “There” is a pronominal adverb.

2. Heraldry. noting the coat of arms on a quartered escutcheon: customarily occupying the first quarter and being the original coat of arms of the paternal line. noun

3. Grammar. a pronominal word.

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"references can be pronominal."

"systems can be pronominal."

"functions can be pronominal."

"suffixes can be pronominal."

"substitutions can be pronominal."

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Mid 17th century: from late Latin pronominalis ‘belonging to a pronoun’, from Latin pronomen (see pronoun).