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A person seated out of sight of the audience who supplies a forgotten word or line to an actor during the performance of a play.
  1. 'Did you ever think Meryl Streep would be your prompter?'
  2. 'The cast was rehearsing without scripts in hand for only the second time, and the prompter was getting a reasonable workout.'
  3. 'For, as Derrida writes, ‘What is tragic is not the impossibility but the necessity of repetition’ and, we might add, the necessity of the prompter.'
  4. 'This is a live recording, and the prompter, audience, and stage movement all make their presence known.'

More definitions

1. a person or thing that prompts.

2. Theater. a person who is offstage and follows a play in progress from the book, repeating missed cues and supplying actors with forgotten lines.

3. an electronic or mechanical device for prompting a speaker or performer.

More examples(as adjective)

"parcels can be prompter."