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Activity that supports or encourages a cause, venture, or aim.
  1. 'The new revised intervention programme provides national guidance for prevention of and health promotion in cardiovascular health.'
  2. 'For children, dietary guidance must focus on health promotion and habits fostering later prevention of chronic diseases.'
  3. 'As health educators, students went into the community to teach and encourage health promotion and disease prevention.'
  4. 'In principle, I'm sure all of our diplomats support democracy promotion.'
  5. 'It sets standards for health promotion, prevention, rehabilitation and management of acute conditions like heart attacks.'
  6. 'We identified resources on legumes that might be useful to dietitians in their work in clinical counselling, disease prevention or health promotion.'
  7. 'Health promotion helped to improve knowledge on risk factors and encouraged people to adopt healthy lifestyles and behaviours.'
  8. 'Although health promotion is supported by more evidence of effectiveness than is often thought, much remains poorly evaluated and is often highly dependent on context.'
  9. 'Both nutrition and physical activity have important roles in health promotion and disease prevention, and are viewed by the public as closely related and synergistic.'
  10. 'Physical activity plays a pivotal role in health promotion and disease prevention.'
The publicizing of a product, organization, or venture so as to increase sales or public awareness.
  1. 'Diversity is vital to the publishing, promotion and sale of books.'
  2. 'Solid waste management, infrastructure building and public awareness promotion will be carried out under the $154,000 project.'
  3. 'Other forms of tobacco promotion, such as product placement (deliberate or otherwise) in films and via the internet, also must be dealt with.'
  4. 'Advertising revenues will be under pressure from below-the-line activity like PR, direct marketing, multimedia and sales promotion.'
  5. 'The agency has recently completed projects for major clients in web, print, packaging, advertising, sales promotion and exhibition design.'
  6. 'Barriers were built to separate planning, production, promotion, sales and exportation and other inseparable functions.'
  7. 'It's product and promotion that drive frequency and loyalty in fast food.'
  8. 'It includes advertising, personal selling, publicity, sales, and promotion.'
  9. 'The telecoms advertising market is crowded and the mobile operator felt it needed to expand in terms of brand awareness and promotion of its productions.'
  10. 'We also know branding, marketing, promotion, sales and distribution.'
  11. 'the paper is reaping the rewards of a series of promotions'
  12. 'During the shopping bonanza various events will be occurring and all businesses involved will be running in-store promotions.'
  13. 'The campaign will also include promotions in pubs and shopping centres nationwide.'
  14. 'Despite the deluge of World Cup promotions and advertising campaigns, Walkers' heavy spending and football tie-ins appear to have cut through the advertising clutter.'
  15. 'They met to clarify the rules for staging advertising games, and avoiding law breaches related to promotions and campaigns.'
  16. 'The company is currently investigating the possibility of bringing the campaign into other consumer promotions and in-store efforts as well.'
  17. 'The only difference with the main show is that the November show will be a consumer goods sales promotion only.'
  18. 'They are currently running a special promotion which involves collecting tokens over a number of weeks.'
  19. 'Both opened with aggressive sales promotions, triggering even more heated competition in the business, Yang said.'
  20. 'The teasers, print ads and in-store promotions feature the same theme.'
  21. 'Every aspect was handled by the trainees, from sponsorships to media publicity to promotions.'
  22. 'Zimba is also a cultural promotions officer at the cultural department in the ministry of Community Development and Social Services.'
  23. 'With over 93 offices in 38 countries world-wide, IMG is the largest and oldest sports promotions company in existence.'
  24. 'Jim Porteous, club chairman and former trade communications manager and sales promotions manager at Nestle is right to be triumphant.'
  25. 'Lismore-based performing arts organisation NORPA has a new promotions manager.'
  26. 'In the promotions industry, recruiting sales help was a challenge, too.'
  27. 'The Pete Callaghan Centre in Westport was packed to capacity on Sunday last for the annual St. Anne's Boxing Club promotion.'
  28. 'The two youngsters will trade leather in a boxing promotion featuring seven other bouts on the undercard.'
  29. 'Factually, I would like to point out to you that there are more boxing promotions staged at York Hall than there have ever been in the last 30 years.'
The action of promoting someone or something to a higher position or rank or the fact of being so promoted.
  1. 'United won promotion last season'
  2. 'Training and development in this culture occurs in regular phases, particularly before promotion to a higher position.'
  3. 'There now exists in organizations less opportunity for promotion, social advancement, and higher status than was available in the past.'
  4. 'They were forbidden to apply for promotion to the position of captain in 2000 and last year because the posts were reserved for designated groups.'
  5. 'The firm announced Boyle's formal promotion to the ranks of general salesman at a salary of $1,800 per annum.'
  6. 'The fact is that the way you choose to spend at least a portion of your free time could determine whether you or someone else gets the next promotion.'
  7. 'It was the senior scholar rather than the younger academic whose books and articles would win him promotion to the rank of ‘full’ professor.'
  8. 'Later she was passed over for promotion to a position for which she had been regarded as a certainty.'
  9. 'One would imagine that clear thinking, as reflected in clear speech, would have been a prerequisite to promotion to that high rank.'
  10. 'The opportunities for promotion may come sooner.'
  11. 'For today, as earlier noted, time with troops has become the ultimate measure of worthiness for promotion to the highest ranks.'
The action of promoting a catalyst.
  1. 'This analysis indicated that, tentatively, increased stem elongation was accompanied by a promotion of cutin monomer hydroxylation.'

More definitions

1. advancement in rank or position.

2. furtherance or encouragement.

3. the act of promoting.

4. the state of being promoted.

5. something devised to publicize or advertise a product, cause, institution, etc., as a brochure, free sample, poster, television or radio commercial, or personal appearance.

6. Also called queening. Chess. the replacement of a pawn that has reached the enemy's first rank by a more powerful piece of the same color, usually a queen.

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"budgets can be promotion."

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Late Middle English (in promotion (sense 3)): via Old French from Latin promotio(n-), from promovere ‘move forward’ (see promote).