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Conveying or implying a promise.
  1. 'promissory words'
  2. 'The promissory estoppel is my argument with the High Court and I feel that the Full Court overlooked it because they constantly said to us that it was a compromised offer.'
  3. 'It is quite normal for both vendor and buyer to initially enter into a promissory contract which details the conditions of sale.'
Indicative of something to come; full of promise.
  1. 'As early as the play's first scene, Shakespeare links promissory language to violence.'


1. containing or implying a promise.

2. of the nature of a promise.

3. Insurance. of or noting agreements or representations stipulating what is required to take place after the issuance of a policy.

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"notes can be promissory."

"tenders can be promissory."

"issuerses can be promissory."

"markets can be promissory."

"holders can be promissory."

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Late Middle English: from medieval Latin promissorius, from promiss- ‘promised’, from the verb promittere (see promise).