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Important; famous.
  1. 'Many of the family have lived in America for several years and some of them are very prominent in business circles in the Chicago area.'
  2. 'Men dominate business and politics, but many women have held cabinet posts or are prominent in arts and professions.'
  3. 'Even during his years in New York in the 1960s, Bertie remained very prominent in club circles.'
  4. 'The Rothschilds are still prominent in banking in Britain and are notable patrons of the arts and sciences.'
  5. 'Foreign-born players have been prominent in the game from its earliest days.'
  6. 'It was a very worthy performance considering my age and prominent social standing, but the stone paid no attention, as is so often the case.'
  7. 'A prominent neoconservative, he was a co-founder of Project for the New American Century.'
  8. 'Tom was prominent in farming and political circles in the area for many years.'
  9. 'Your ambitious nature will be rewarded as you are promoted to a prominent position in your profession.'
  10. 'Both artists are prominent in Bulgaria's art world and work with graphics and water colours.'
Projecting from something; protuberant.
  1. 'It was particularly prominent in areas underlying the epidermal hyperplasia.'
  2. 'His hair is flattened from sleep, his prominent ears projecting like wings from the sides of his head.'
  3. 'Rising from the radiator grille, a prominent bulge in the hood runs to the base of the windscreen.'
Situated so as to catch the attention; noticeable.
  1. 'If the premises are unoccupied a copy of the Notice should be left in a prominent position.'
  2. 'It went on to say that the suggested site is situated in a prominent section of this new streetscape.'
  3. 'Stories of this sort, if any, may have been elbowed out of prominent positions they should occupy in newspapers.'
  4. 'How can they ignore the criticisms that are so prominent in the media?'
  5. 'Recently at Whole Foods I noticed prominent displays of strawberries and rhubarb.'
  6. 'The issue of passive smoking is very prominent in the minds of almost everyone in this day and age.'
  7. 'I have noticed that the most prominent activity at the festival is alcohol consumption.'
  8. 'The health minister has been particularly prominent in the media in this regard.'
  9. 'Maximilian was famous for his large nose, and it is prominent in all his pictures and statues.'
  10. 'Its most prominent feature is a projecting central pavilion with a pediment and four Doric columns.'


A stout drab-coloured moth with tufts on the forewings which stick up while at rest, the caterpillars of which typically have fleshy growths on the back.


    1. standing out so as to be seen easily; conspicuous; particularly noticeable: Her eyes are her most prominent feature.

    2. standing out beyond the adjacent surface or line; projecting.

    3. leading, important, or well-known: a prominent citizen.

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    "people can be prominent in movements."

    "workers can be prominent in tables."

    "people can be prominent in places."

    "trusts can be prominent in halls."

    "trusts can be prominent in barns."

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    Late Middle English (in the sense ‘projecting’): from Latin prominent- ‘jutting out’, from the verb prominere. Compare with eminent.