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Rapid increase in the number or amount of something.
  1. 'As with the increasing proliferation of mobile phones, we now have an emerging doctrine of iPod etiquette.'
  2. 'The threat of nuclear proliferation will abate as dangerous stockpiles of atomic weapons are quickly used up.'
  3. 'The failure of the conference makes nuclear proliferation more likely and nuclear disarmament a waning hope.'
  4. 'The primary US interest is in checking nuclear proliferation.'
  5. 'Would the second nuclear age be characterized by a rapid or slow proliferation of new overt nuclear weapon capabilities?'
  6. 'He also touts the CIA's record in helping to stop nuclear proliferation.'
  7. 'Nuclear weapons safety and proliferation are expected to top the agenda.'
  8. 'The drug trade is also frequently implicated and is held responsible for the increasing proliferation of guns throughout society.'
  9. 'Meanwhile, proliferation was increasing the danger of nuclear terrorism.'
  10. 'Fears already raised about nuclear proliferation in so-called rogue states are what inspired this kind of defense system in the first place.'
  11. 'we attempted to measure cell proliferation'
  12. 'Previous reports suggest that cystic fibrosis airway epithelia may respond to injury by increasing proliferation.'
  13. 'Multicellular organisms grow through both proliferation and growth of their individual cells.'
  14. 'The results suggested that reactivation of the silenced transgene occurs with cell proliferation.'
  15. 'These genes may lead to uncontrolled cell growth and tumor proliferation.'
  16. 'In vitro experiments on cell proliferation, membrane properties, and ion channels are difficult to extrapolate to humans.'
  17. 'The increased numbers of alveolar macrophages in the smokers resulted only in part from increased proliferation.'
  18. 'Cell walls play a critical role in the mechanisms for growth, cell proliferation and differentiation.'
  19. 'Target genes in this class may normally affect early germ cell proliferation or survival.'
  20. 'We are most interested in identifying genes that restrict cell growth and cell proliferation.'
  21. 'Our findings demonstrate increased tumor proliferation at the leading-edge and lepidic regions of tumors.'
  22. 'With the Protestants, it manifests itself in a proliferation of denominations.'
  23. 'Galway City Council said it does not want a proliferation of satellite dishes on the front of houses.'
  24. 'As a result, a proliferation of research elucidating many nuances of ethnic minority families has come to the forefront.'
  25. 'We have a proliferation of information, and we have a dearth of resources to help process and assess that information.'
  26. 'These days where there is a proliferation of these missiles, they need to be defeated in another way.'
  27. 'In recent years, Florida boaters have had to comply with a proliferation of no-wake zones and manatee sanctuaries.'
  28. 'Smith said both resorts suffered from a proliferation of poor quality housing, especially old guesthouses filled by the homeless.'

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1. the growth or production of cells by multiplication of parts.

2. a rapid and often excessive spread or increase: nuclear proliferation.

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"issues can be proliferations."


(proliferation)Mid 19th century: from French prolifération, from prolifère ‘proliferous’.