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Increase rapidly in number; multiply.
  1. 'One advantage, the developers claim, is that only one remote control will be needed instead of the multiple controls now proliferating in the average household.'
  2. 'As contexts proliferate, objects accrue multiple layers of meaning, not all of which necessarily agree.'
  3. 'Studies on escalating student debt will proliferate.'
  4. 'Multiple variations quickly proliferate into thousands of different model numbers.'
  5. 'The number and kind of private joint-stock companies quickly proliferated.'
  6. 'There, non-governmental groups are proliferating as poverty increases and trade liberalisation undermines local economies.'
  7. 'Now, technology is burgeoning and proliferating, and again there is fear.'
  8. 'If standards slide as Asian clinics proliferate and competition increases, patients will suffer.'
  9. 'In recent years, these judge shows have proliferated at an astonishing rate.'
  10. 'As technology proliferated with the digital revolution, we gradually became more accepting of being under constant watch.'
  11. 'cultured cells often proliferate indefinitely'
  12. 'He found that the leukemic cells stopped proliferating in vitro when the drug was present.'
  13. 'Several forms of cancer involve the inactivation of the apoptotic process, thus enabling the cancer cells to continue to proliferate.'
  14. 'Satellite cells proliferate, differentiate, and fuse with existing myofibers.'
  15. 'Cytokines are secreted proteins that induce cells to proliferate and differentiate.'
  16. 'Under typical growth conditions, on the other hand, persisters hardly grow at all, while normal cells rapidly proliferate.'
  17. 'If cloning by fission is viewed more generally as a form of tissue modeling seen in all metazoans, in which some cells proliferate and others die, knowledge from other organisms can suggest candidate genes.'
  18. 'If this process of self-protection does not work then the destructive cells can proliferate uncontrollably.'
  19. 'They also proliferate, multiplying to increase the response to the wound.'
  20. 'This work tests the novel notion that cancer cells co-opt cellular pathways that govern metabolism in order to proliferate beyond a cell's normal means.'
  21. 'If you have any cells with estrogen receptors and you put more estrogen into the body, you're going to stimulate those cells to proliferate and divide.'
  22. 'In later life we are not supposed to continue to proliferate tissue at a rapid rate, grow, and accumulate mass, but rather to mature.'

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1. to grow or produce by multiplication of parts, as in budding or cell division, or by procreation.

2. to increase in number or spread rapidly and often excessively.

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"allowances can be proliferated."


(proliferate)Late 19th century: back-formation from proliferation.