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An estimate or forecast of a future situation based on a study of present trends.
  1. mass noun 'population projection is essential for planning'
  2. 'These projections are based on assumptions about fertility and life expectancy as both these measures are independent of the age structure of the population.'
  3. 'Demographic projections suggest rapid future growth of this ethnic group, due to immigration.'
  4. 'The government is counting on rising exports to meet its 3.68 percent economic growth projection for this year.'
  5. 'The study warns, however, that these positive projections are based upon the retention of a fairly stable oil price.'
  6. 'Again, budget projections based on historical economic trends would have been even worse than the forecasts that were actually used.'
  7. 'The trustees present three projections, based on pessimistic, middle-of-the-road and optimistic economic assumptions, respectively.'
  8. 'Original financial projections were based on 444 visitors a day.'
  9. 'Growth projections indicate the center could expand to 200,000 square feet by 2007 and create 30 more jobs.'
  10. 'NASA's cost estimates, based on projections that each shuttle would fly at least 100 times, were obviously a key selling point for the shuttle.'
  11. 'Many companies took the knife to their cost base early in the downturn and many have revisited their cost base as revenue projections became increasingly pessimistic.'
The presentation of an image on a surface, especially a cinema screen.
  1. 'I don't think they had any knowledge of image projection from mirrors onto a screen in the 15th century.'
  2. 'Here montage and projection take place simultaneously.'
  3. 'Digital projection is the only hope for revival cinema in this country, but revival houses are the last places that can afford new projectors.'
  4. 'What actually made you get into cinema projection?'
  5. 'Traditionally used in medical applications, the xenon lamp has evolved into a key component for digital projection for home cinema applications.'
  6. 'By using slide projection on location, fragments of the past were introduced into the visual field of the present.'
  7. 'the band use stage projections featuring moon shots'
  8. 'It also features video and sound projections as well as live music on stage.'
  9. 'Performances will merge live acting with a digital video projection and a soundtrack.'
  10. 'A slide show projection of earlier work is also being presented.'
  11. 'Here you can see the world's first cinema film projection and first colour photographs.'
  12. 'Her intermedia spaces stage the spectacle through multiscreen projections of images of nature.'
  13. 'Their black and white poster-size prints use video projections as light sources, providing time-elapsed post-exposures of the images.'
  14. 'The story is told through acting, song, dance and drama, with visual projections, choirs, bands and performance artists all adding to the madness.'
  15. 'Yes, there is a symbiotic relationship between two projections or two images.'
  16. 'I think that was really important to why I started to use projected images and slide projections.'
  17. 'To view the piece one must walk through a narrow door and in between the two rear-screen projections so that the images seem to deflect off of you in both directions.'
  18. 'The participants will be taught phonetics, diction, voice projection, and drama techniques.'
  19. 'Mewes' audio is fine of course, because almost all human beings understand the principles of basic voice projection.'
  20. 'Further, the detail and projection of the bass part at the conclusion is quite unique and chilling.'
  21. 'Overhead, a canopy of perforated metal panels extends out toward the first few rows of seats, helping with sound projection.'
  22. 'Her sensitive and expressive playing lacked colour and projection in the live concert situation.'
  23. 'Moscow pianists tended towards a muscular clarity and strong willed emphasis on power and projection.'
  24. 'On occasion, Janzen's quest for projection moved his voice too far into his chest, pinching the sound; however, he is clearly a talented vocalist.'
  25. 'What depresses me more is that for our young actors, skills like speaking verse properly and voice projection are no longer a priority.'
  26. 'As well as giving students tips on voice projection, the courses also teach the importance of positive body language and stage presence.'
  27. 'His voice and vocal projection are so vivid that whilst he is singing he makes you forget all other performers of the role.'
The presentation or promotion of someone or something in a particular way.
  1. 'What others say and do is a projection of their reality and perception, not yours.'
  2. 'monsters can be understood as mental projections of mankind's fears'
  3. 'Of course, the fact that they were there only as projections of her own imagination took a little of the meaning out of that approval.'
  4. 'Acknowledging that phenomena are mental projections, we can achieve greater renunciation for there really is no point in getting attached to a situation that is not what it seems to be.'
  5. 'Psychoanalyst Carl Jung said that flying saucer reports in reality and fiction reflected a psychological projection of nuclear fears.'
  6. 'we protect the self by a number of defence mechanisms, including repression and projection'
  7. 'When this process, which entails the mechanisms of projection and identification, functions smoothly, depressive feelings can be accepted and worked with.'
  8. 'It is not hard to see here the psychological phenomenon of projection: the pot calling the kettle black.'
  9. 'I don't think I've seen a clearer example of the psychological phenomena known as projection in my life.'
  10. 'It was found that both denial and projection of blame were not significantly different among the three groups.'
  11. 'It is a radical example of what psychologists would call projection.'
  12. 'Bonding with a partner is more than just a matter of unconscious projection.'
  13. 'It is this kind of unconscious projection that determines our behavior, especially in personal relationships.'
A thing that extends outwards from something else.
  1. 'Microblasting technology is used to remove very fine burrs so that there are no sharp projections on the outside edge of the tube tip.'
  2. 'They differ, however, in having a flat rather than a concave pseudointerarea, and in having a tubular projection extending from larval shell.'
  3. 'The tongue has many small projections making the surface very markedly ridged.'
  4. 'Each arm can also include a projection that extends at least partially into a wall opening.'
  5. 'Their projections possess both a sharp edge and piercing point.'
  6. 'The active contacts may include several sheetlike metallic projections extending inwardly around a hole in the sheetlike element, on a first major surface of the sheetlike element.'
The action of projecting a figure.
    The representation on a plane surface of part of the surface of the earth or a celestial sphere.
    1. 'The Commander hit a switch on his podium and a holographic projection of Earth's moon, Luna, was generated in front of the Commander's podium.'
    2. 'Different three-dimensional objects, oriented appropriately, have the same two-dimensional plane projection.'
    3. 'During this period he began to perfect a new map projection for which he is best remembered.'
    4. 'Once this is performed, intelligent resamplers traverse the three-dimensional model to combine the pixels into the desired map projection and scale.'
    5. 'One which has survived is his Cartography which is a work on map projections.'
    6. 'Cosmographia provided an introduction to astronomy, geography, cartography, surveying, navigation, weather and climate, the shape of the earth, map projections, and mathematical instruments.'
    7. 'What is surprising is that someone discovered the map projection to do it.'

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    1. a projecting or protruding part.Synonyms: overhang, protrusion, jut.

    2. the state or fact of jutting out or protruding.

    3. a causing to jut or protrude.

    4. the act, process, or result of projecting.

    5. Also called map projection. Cartography. a systematic construction of lines drawn on a plane surface representative of and corresponding to the meridians and parallels of the curved surface of the earth or celestial sphere.

    6. Photography. the act of reproducing on a surface, by o

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    "skills can be projection."


    Mid 16th century (in projection (sense 6)): from Latin projectio(n-), from proicere ‘throw forth’ (see project).