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A missile designed to be fired from a gun.
  1. 'The US military acknowledged that the helicopter was likely brought down by small-arms fire or a projectile fired from the ground.'
  2. 'The Shmel, classified as a flamethrower, fires rocket-propelled projectiles.'
  3. 'Now, obviously what they can't protect against completely is rockets and other sort of projectiles fired into that area.'
  4. 'For the first time, interchangeable and multiple barrels can be made available to fire a range of projectiles of varying calibers from the same handgun.'
  5. 'These slits, called murder holes, could be used by the defenders to fire projectiles at any foes within the passageway.'
  6. 'From the 300 projectiles which NATO has fired so far, only four have hit something of substance.'
  7. 'The soldiers firing the projectiles were his heroes.'
  8. 'Again, rockets and cannon projectiles present a complementary mix to the family of fires.'
  9. 'Robins also invented the ballistic pendulum which allowed precise measurements of the velocity of projectiles fired from guns.'
  10. '‘These guns can be converted to fire projectiles so anything that makes it more difficult for guns to be used in this way is good,’ he said.'
  11. 'they tried to shield Johnson from the projectiles that were being thrown'
  12. 'They talked, whispered, fidgeted, and threw small projectiles at one another.'
  13. 'I can also hold your projectiles and throw them back at you!'
  14. 'The shield deflected small projectiles and energy weapons, but not that well.'
  15. 'There were several cans of Spaghettios but no can opener, rendering them useless except as thrown projectiles.'


Denoting or relating to a projectile.
  1. 'In most multiplayer games, everything is just some variation on a projectile weapon.'
  2. 'In desperation, you attempt to use the useless tome as an impromptu projectile weapon.'
  3. 'Rocket-propelled grenades are a commonly used explosive projectile weapon, used by many armies across the world.'
  4. 'When fighting these types it is best to use projectile weapons because seeing as you can't see them, close combat is risky.'
  5. 'A light saber is a definite must-have for Kyle, but a couple of projectile weapons should be included.'
  6. 'I do not depend on projectile weapons and electrical charges.'
  7. 'His projectile weapon was hardly in a class to combat Graham's, but he had to make do.'
  8. 'She took them to several different stands, all selling guns, crossbows, and other kinds of projectile weapons.'
  9. 'Blaine couldn't help but notice that they were armed with projectile weapons.'
  10. 'The projectile weapons are more traditional cannons, and there is a continuum of muzzle velocities with different effective ranges.'
  11. 'Simon was projectile vomiting'
  12. 'He appeared to projectile vomit directly down into the turf next to the penalty spot.'
  13. 'How does someone manage to projectile vomit all over the footpath out front of McDonalds anyway?'
  14. 'If scenes showing projectile dog vomit and real estate transactions are honestly more interesting than the subject at hand, I can't see why.'


1. an object fired from a gun with an explosive propelling charge, such as a bullet, shell, rocket, or grenade.

2. a body projected or impelled forward, as through the air. adjective

3. impelling or driving forward, as a force.

4. caused by impulse, as motion.

5. capable of being impelled forward, as a missile.

6. Zoology. protrusile, as the jaws of a fish.

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"weapons can be projectile."

"vomitings can be projectile."

"models can be projectile."

"throwings can be projectile."

"systems can be projectile."

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Mid 17th century: modern Latin, from project- ‘thrown forth’, from the verb proicere (see project).