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An individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.
  1. 'a project to build a new power station'
  2. 'Many thanks indeed to the people who have brought this project to fruition.'
  3. 'The internal resources of our commercial ports are not sufficient in general to fund large-scale infrastructure projects.'
  4. 'A group of professionals plans to launch an ambitious training project aimed at disadvantaged and disabled people.'
  5. 'Only greed or mismanagement can mar this worthwhile project now.'
  6. 'For decades, only small-scale pilot projects have been funded.'
  7. 'I hope she finds herself in more worthwhile projects in the future.'
  8. 'To address this concern the IRS launched a pilot project for the 2003 tax year.'
  9. 'Pearson and Neyman agreed to undertake a joint research project in June 1926, just before Neyman left for Paris.'
  10. 'The project is one of the first collaborative projects to be carried out with foreign partners in the Western Balkans since the end of conflict.'
  11. 'Asylum seekers in Swindon have completed a unique project aimed at helping them teach sport to children.'
  12. 'A couple of weeks ago your diarist was interviewed by pupils at a Lincolnshire school undertaking a history project.'
  13. 'They also shared ways to develop exit and alumni surveys and to evaluate student research projects.'
  14. 'I have also often thought of them as possible research projects for students.'
  15. 'The third and sixth years will be working on their school projects and parents and students will see them in action.'
  16. 'Each semester my students were assigned projects in which they had to research and interview someone from another culture.'
  17. 'When entering a science fair, you can choose either to do a team project or an individual project.'
  18. 'Current on-going projects include studying light interaction with skin and light interaction with the human eye.'
  19. 'I wrote this page due to the high number of email requests I have been receiving regarding helping students with school projects.'
  20. 'One of the projects under-taken by the students was to publish and illustrate a book of poetry with a peace theme.'
  21. 'He is an adviser for the Dairy Science Club and has been a mentor for many undergraduate and high school students working on research projects.'
  22. 'the novel undermines its own stated project of telling a story'
  23. 'I had to launch my own campaign to get the project off the ground.'
  24. 'We do work with outstanding, prize-winning authors, and we do propose projects to them.'
A government-subsidized housing development with relatively low rents.
  1. 'There he will meet residents of a local housing project situated at Cam Garth which brings affordable rural housing to people living and working locally.'
  2. 'Questions were raised over the allocation of a council housing project to an outside body at last week's Carlow town council meeting.'
  3. 'The DISIP no longer visit his house, nor do they break up public meetings at the housing project as they did in the past.'
  4. 'I grew up in a public housing project in Hartford, Connecticut.'
  5. 'The housing project consists of 56 one-bedroom and 14 two-bedroom apartments.'
  6. 'French police teams removed the chemicals from a public housing project in the suburb La Courneuve after the arrests, the report said.'
  7. 'He grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, in a segregated housing project.'
  8. 'If the geese arrived in time, the housing project would be blocked.'
  9. 'She lives in a cottage on an unfinished housing project.'
  10. 'Graves in a disused Highworth burial ground could be moved to make way for a sheltered housing project.'


Estimate or forecast (something) on the basis of present trends.
  1. 'Growth was now projected to hit 8.5 percent this year.'
  2. 'GDP growth is projected at 5.3 per cent at the end of 2004.'
  3. 'Total cost savings are projected to reach £100m by the end of 2007.'
  4. 'The current account deficit is projected at 7.6 per cent and 6.9 per cent, respectively.'
  5. 'Attendance is projected at 5.6 million in the park's first year of operation, rising to 10 million after about 15 years.'
  6. 'Annual tax revenues are projected at 60 million leva, including 15 million leva in real estate tax.'
  7. 'The 2002 executive budget revenue is projected at more than 6.9 billion leva, and spending at more than 7.5 billion leva.'
  8. 'Next year, the deficit is projected to decline to 1.2 percent of GDP.'
  9. 'Overall investment return over five years is projected at five times the capital invested.'
  10. 'Advertising budget was projected at just under $3 million, although the company declined to disclose actual figures.'
  11. 'a projected exhibition of contemporary art'
  12. 'Not even this was seriously proposed or projected.'
  13. 'The Kemp Town development was completed by Thomas Cubitt, though even then only half of what Kemp had projected was built.'
  14. 'For many area organizations, this downturn in funding has meant they have had to reline and retool plans and projects they had projected for themselves.'
Extend outwards beyond something else; protrude.
  1. 'a projecting bay window'
  2. 'Typically the macaroni fork had five or more tines projecting from the end of the bowl.'
  3. 'The dramatic hollow cone projecting from the front of the headdress is understood as a beehive.'
  4. 'That plan called for an 11-story structure that would have projected out over the Breuer building.'
  5. 'It is understood that the vehicle skidded after avoiding a car involved in another accident, mounted the verge and became impaled on a pole projecting from a crash barrier.'
  6. 'The wooden chalets reminded us of the houses in Himachali villages with the upper floors projecting beyond the ground-level ones.'
  7. 'They were in a high-ceilinged room, the walls covered in carved wooden panels with a number of marble busts set on shelves projecting from them.'
  8. 'With the passage now comfortable walking size, almost square in cross section, I found a rock projecting from the wall that would be our final station.'
  9. 'A spigot projecting from the otherwise cylindrical charge would have been used to locate it accurately on the catapult.'
  10. 'They project laterally, ending in sharp points.'
  11. 'These effects are produced by fibres projecting from the hypothalamus to parasympathetic nuclei in the brain stem, and to sympathetic centres in the spinal cord.'
Throw or cause to move forward or outward.
  1. 'As is the case with North American porcupines, the quills are loosely attached but can't be thrown or otherwise projected.'
  2. 'Its head is broad and blunt and it has a largish mouth which, because of a series of joints, can be projected forward instantly like a telescopic tube.'
  3. 'Entrance to the station is by way of a single open arch, which is projected forward through the booking hall into a subway and four staircases leading to two island platforms.'
  4. 'Now he had been projected forward into the almost daylight of the actual shop.'
  5. 'The image was projected on a large screen behind him.'
  6. 'Their pictures will be scanned, they'll be interviewed and all of that will be projected onto the exhibition in the marquee.'
  7. 'Screening continued beyond midnight - projected on a wall painted white the previous night.'
  8. 'The three images were then projected onto a screen by three separate lanterns to reproduce the full colour image.'
  9. 'The print itself I created by the ‘drawing of light’ as the image is projected and worked onto the photographic paper.'
  10. 'Two beams of light were projected into the sky over Paris.'
  11. 'For this he digitally projected all the chapters simultaneously onto a circular screen suspended in the air.'
  12. 'Then we did a panel where Scott projected said slides and I sat with a microphone to interview Julie and extract whatever recollections were evoked by each cover.'
  13. 'He hit a small button on the wall and a light turned on, projecting an image in the center of the room.'
  14. 'Strewn throughout the theater are large pieces of fabric on which lights and photographs are projected.'
  15. 'being audible depends on your ability to project your voice'
  16. 'Two hundred years ago, these very records reveal that flight was possible in great steel objects resembling birds and sound could be projected over thousands of miles.'
  17. 'The name comes from the use of a horn bell to project the sound and often a horn reed cap as well.'
  18. 'As with most period pieces set in foreign lands, everyone speaks like they are projecting from the stage front at the Old Vic.'
  19. 'people may be projecting the present into the past'
Present or promote (a particular view or image)
  1. 'Take a look at the different ways you project yourself, and try to describe them.'
  2. 'You can be someone else, and can project yourself as a different person.'
  3. 'So now the viewing public must also project what meaning they can think of onto the object.'
  4. 'He has wonderful stage presence, projecting a friendly, enthusiastic and spontaneous persona.'
  5. 'she liked to project herself more as a friend than a doctor'
  6. 'everyone would be amazed that a young girl could project such depths of emotion'
  7. 'She unconsciously projected what she was thinking, and part of him wanted to know what she was feeling.'
  8. 'Yesterday they projected that anxiety on to different events, and tomorrow they will move on to something else.'
  9. 'We project them on to the outside world, but in truth they are only reflections of our internal world.'
  10. 'There are different definitions of the term, but one of them refers to a defense mechanism in which one projects one's undesirable qualities onto someone else.'
  11. 'For some reason, I'd projected such emotional and sentimental importance onto it.'
  12. 'They aren't manipulating us, so much as projecting their own anxiety on to the rest of society.'
Draw straight lines through (a given figure) to produce a corresponding figure on a surface or a line.
    Make a projection of (the earth, sky, etc.) on a plane surface.

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      1. something that is contemplated, devised, or planned; plan; scheme.

      2. a large or major undertaking, especially one involving considerable money, personnel, and equipment.

      3. a specific task of investigation, especially in scholarship.

      4. Education. a supplementary, long-term educational assignment necessitating personal initiative, undertaken by an individual student or a group of students.

      5. Often, projects. housing project. verb (used with object), none, project[pruh-jekt]/p

      More examples(as adjective)

      "temperatures can be projected to normals."

      "deficits can be projected at kwachas."

      "savings can be projected from programs."

      "profits can be projected by governments."

      "places can be projected in/at/on years."

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      (project)Late Middle English (in the sense ‘preliminary design, tabulated statement’): from Latin projectum ‘something prominent’, neuter past participle of proicere ‘throw forth’, from pro- ‘forth’ + jacere ‘to throw’. Early senses of the verb were ‘plan’ and ‘cause to move forward’.