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The process of writing computer programs.
  1. 'In the bazaar model, anyone with Internet access and programming skills can be engaged in the process.'
  2. 'Policies can be defined in a standard logical programming language and deployed to ensure that only optimal routes are selected for calls.'
  3. 'Some have no experience with Web HTML language or programming, while others are conversant.'
  4. 'In programming, this translates to the choice of programming language.'
  5. 'However, a virus-writing course shouldn't be dumbed down with only milk-liver assignments like the programming of new computer viruses.'
  6. 'Detailed discussion of these looping constructs can be found in any programming textbook or introductory computer science course, so I will not be going through them in any detail.'
  7. 'It does some auto-formatting, and ‘understands’ various programming languages.'
  8. 'Eventually, we have to create the real software design, and it will be in some programming language.'
  9. 'The precision necessary when writing programming languages is palpable not only for the author of technology but also for the user of technology.'
  10. 'Anyone with a small amount of experience with computer programming will be creating single player dungeon crawls in a matter of minutes.'
The process of scheduling something, especially radio or television programmes.
  1. 'the station is to expand its late-night programming'
  2. 'In the coming year the Governors will consider the BBC's coverage of European constitutional affairs and religious programming and publish the findings.'
  3. 'I really do think that the least our government can do for us is to have good cultural programming on local radio and television, and not political blabbing.'
  4. 'Unlike commercial television, which broadcasts free programming, satellite television is not without cost.'
  5. 'In her new role, Sue will take on additional responsibility for all of the BBC's political programming.'
  6. 'For example, regulators have historically placed considerable restrictions on simulcasting - broadcasting programming over more than one station at the same time.'
  7. 'Perhaps some actual variety in broadcast programming would draw older listeners back, or at least have them visit once in a while.'
  8. 'What are the implications for cable with its digital capacity and its responsibilities in carrying broadcast programming?'
  9. 'These organizations help teachers and parents work together to demand improvement in television programming and marketing of toys of violence to our youngest viewers.'
  10. 'Forrester's survey respondents report watching only 8 percent of commercials in recorded programming.'
  11. 'It also will help enhance public awareness of NASA by developing documentaries and educational programming for television broadcast.'

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1. the act or process of planning or writing a program.

2. Radio andTelevision. the selection and scheduling of programs for transmission, as for a television station or network, or an Internet-based digital distributor. the programs scheduled.

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"managers can be programming."

"businesses can be programming."

"bases can be programming."

"arrangements can be programming."

"appointments can be programming."

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