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(of a computer or other machine) able to be provided with coded instructions for the automatic performance of a task.
  1. 'the camera is fully programmable'
  2. 'Installing a programmable thermostat could cut your heating and cooling bills by up to 10% a year.'
  3. 'We mentioned earlier that there are a number of programmable buttons on the remote.'
  4. 'It features six dedicated programmable keys.'
  5. 'All the buttons are programmable.'
  6. 'The hand tools of the past have often been replaced by programmable machines.'


1. capable of being programmed. noun

2. an electronic device, as a calculator or telephone, that can be programmed to perform specific tasks.

More examples(as adjective)

"ratios can be programmable via buses."

"devices can be programmable."

"units can be programmable."

"controllers can be programmable."

"chips can be programmable."

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