Adjective "proforma" definition and examples

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/prəʊ ˈfɔːmə/

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Done or produced as a matter of form.
  1. 'a pro forma invoice'


As a matter of form or politeness.


    A pro forma document or form.
    1. 'The SEC is examining whether new rules are needed to clarify financial reports and perhaps restrict use of pro formas.'
    2. 'The Tribunal had before it no evidence as to the way in which those pro formas were completed.'

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    1. according to form; as a matter of form; for the sake of form.

    2. Commerce. provided in advance of shipment and merely showing the description and quantity of goods shipped without terms of payment: a pro forma invoice.

    3. Accounting. indicating hypothetical financial figures based on previous business operations for estimate purposes: a pro forma balance sheet. adverb

    4. as a matter of form: Many of the school assignments appear to be done pro forma. noun, plural pro for

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    "results can be proforma due to changes."

    "bases can be proforma."

    "profits can be proforma."

    "losses can be proforma."

    "results can be proforma."

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    (pro forma)Early 16th century: from Latin.