Adjective "profitably" definition and examples

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In a way that yields profit or financial gain.
  1. 'Gold mining was profitably pursued.'
  2. 'He translated his paintings very profitably into bronzes that still fetch enormous prices.'
  3. 'Our goal is to grow our business profitably and consistently over the long term.'
  4. 'Profitably speaking, these new flavors have done very well for us.'
  5. 'The firm continued to grow profitably and earned a reputation as a leader in its field.'
In a beneficial or useful manner.
  1. 'The 100 minutes go by effortlessly, although they aren't spent profitably.'
  2. 'The scientists' energies are more profitably spent pursuing their own field of dedication.'
  3. 'In the end, I realised the time could have been more profitably spent.'
  4. 'He did not take himself too seriously and that's one trait that others in the cabinet could profitably take on board.'
  5. 'Plato's works can be profitably mined for new insights time and time again.'

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1. yielding profit; remunerative: a profitable deal.

2. beneficial or useful.

More examples(as adjective)

"nets can be profitably."