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(of a business or activity) yielding profit or financial gain.
  1. 'the investments were extremely profitable'
  2. 'None of these books or reports suggest to me that publishing is a highly profitable business.'
  3. 'Farming is still profitable in spite of a sharp increase in the prices of agricultural inputs.'
  4. 'This has become a profitable business for a few, and an effortless one for that.'
  5. 'They expect to run the museum as a profitable business, at least in the summer.'
  6. 'Intel has been doing this kind of thing for years, and in the past has built quite a profitable business out of it.'
  7. 'Handsome buildings, profitable businesses and community focal points are being lost.'
  8. 'He added that the government had already allowed private firms to cherry-pick profitable work.'
  9. 'The enormous rise in premiums has made an unprofitable business profitable again.'
  10. 'It's just not enough to ensure that a business is as profitable as possible for its shareholders.'
  11. 'We follow him as he tries to turn this dream into reality, and turn the farm into a profitable business.'
Beneficial; useful.
  1. 'This paper prompted useful discussion, though the main discussion session was less profitable.'
  2. 'Noor said that she was merely taking advantage of a potentially profitable situation.'


1. yielding profit; remunerative: a profitable deal.

2. beneficial or useful.

More examples(as adjective)

"sectors can be profitable in places."

"people can be profitable in/at/on years."

"banks can be profitable in years."

"people can be profitable with profits."

"ventures can be profitable from days."

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Middle English: from Old French, from the verb profiter (see profit).