Adjective "professionalized" definition and examples

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Give (an occupation, activity, or group) professional qualities, typically by increasing training or raising required qualifications.
  1. 'Auditing was increasingly professionalized and founded on concepts of prudence.'
  2. 'The term ‘graphic design’ took hold in the years after the Second World War as a way of describing and promoting an increasingly professionalised form of activity.'
  3. 'The development education fund professionalised a group of activists who now no longer sharpen that cutting edge, and there has been a real loss of engagement with the public as a result.'
  4. 'This represented a serious attempt to professionalize the military establishment.'
  5. 'Some of the framers did apparently envisage that one day the National Guard and the Police Force would be professionalised.'

More definitions

1. to give a professional character or status to; make into or establish as a profession. verb (used without object), professionalized, professionalizing.

2. to become professional.

More examples(as adjective)

"worlds can be professionalized."

"expressions can be professionalized."