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(of a person or their behaviour) acting in accordance with morality and showing recognition of right and wrong.
  1. 'Particular mention should be made of Mike Kelly, who remains the most principled man it's ever been my good fortune to meet.'
  2. 'What a doughty, principled fighter for pensioners that McLennan is.'
  3. 'We must have principled leaders who define all of life by principles and not expediency.'
  4. 'How can you ever again position yourself as a principled candidate in this election?'
  5. 'As a result, his former image as a political operator was replaced by that of a principled leader.'
  6. 'Duff sometimes behaved like a cad to his women; in politics, he was a model of principled behaviour.'
  7. 'He saw him as a principled man who openly spoke out his thoughts on any issue of the nation, but never wishing to malign or discredit others.'
  8. 'He's a pretty principled guy and isn't interested in the money - which is just as well because we're not paying him.'
  9. 'Kevin was principled, courageous, incorruptible, unselfish and a man of great integrity.'
  10. 'When you must make decisions about marriages, you are obliged to be consistent and principled.'
(of a system or method) based on a given set of rules.
  1. 'However, she said, she was taking a principled rather than a technical decision.'
  2. 'It would help if the government actually knew what it wanted, and held a principled position one way or the other.'
  3. 'If he maintains such a principled approach in the subsequent campaign, I thought, he might even be able to turn public opinion around.'
  4. 'The Greens support taking a principled approach to this legislation.'
  5. 'If courts are to intervene by the imposition of public law standards upon a private body they must adopt a careful and principled approach.'
  6. 'These five justices have all the right in the world to have their own principled way of interpreting the constitution.'
  7. 'This demonstrates again a pragmatic rather than a principled approach.'
  8. 'As such cases show, if we give weight to both equality and utility, we have no principled way to assess their relative importance.'
  9. 'Worse, what is the principled basis by which we weight the importance of the properties in the bundle?'
  10. 'It is impossible to base principled politics on the ‘bad man’ theory of history.'


1. imbued with or having moral principles (often used in combination): high-principled.

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"people can be principled as fathers."

"ways can be principled."

"stands can be principled."

"decisions can be principled."

"commitments can be principled."

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