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(especially of a man) rather fat.
  1. 'He was the heir to his father - the portly county sheriff whose duty to protect and serve was best carried out drinking coffee at the local lumber yard and surprising an occasional joy-riding youth.'
  2. 'Jenkins neglected to mention one key argument, though: Americans are a portly group.'
  3. 'She looked across the plain room to where a small portly man sat behind a large oak table, his podgy hands resting in front of him.'
  4. 'He is portly and stern and looks at his watch a lot and Thomas and his pals are a bit frightened of him, but he gets results.'
  5. 'The driver, a portly man of medium height and an officer, taller and slim, talked as the sunlight poked through the clouds, shielding their eyes from its glare.'
  6. 'Callista eyed the two portly cooks sceptically.'
  7. 'Our tester was burdened with a 10-pound snowboard strapped to his already portly pack.'
  8. 'I nodded and leaned against the bar, my eyes following Isabelle over to where a balding, portly fellow was sitting at the bar.'
  9. 'A portly greybeard, with huge shoulders and chest, he could usually be found writing his reminiscences or playing with the grandchildren.'
  10. 'Daddy, mustachioed and portly, wasn't there to monitor Aradhana's improvements.'
  11. 'Sometimes too portly to actually star on-screen, he often provided a smooth-toned voiceover for more handsome leading men.'
  12. 'The fat portly man who had been questioning him turned to look at him, and Jason saw a snarl beneath the man's lips as he saw the figure stride forward.'
  13. 'As a teenager, John was quite portly - yet with a bit of discipline and a lot of bullying, the freshman fatty soon became a sophomore slim.'
  14. 'Devlin swiveled around to see a short, portly man.'
  15. 'It took no more than a second for the door to snap open and a portly man to emerge, balancing two doughnuts precariously in one hand.'
  16. 'Jack has the body of a portly, suited figure much given to lunching.'
  17. 'The manager, a short, portly man of perhaps 55, looked at them in alarm from across his cluttered desk.'
  18. 'Her portly body was perched on a small stool precariously, looking like she would fall off if she shifted even slightly.'
  19. 'We also had a memorable discussion about the portly professor Natalie had in school who was actually from Transylvania.'
  20. 'In fact, I'm still a portly person, but I don't have any sympathy for those who blame others for their own poor choices, or the bad choices of their parents.'
Of a stately or dignified appearance and manner.


    1. rather heavy or fat; stout; corpulent.

    2. Archaic. stately, dignified, or imposing.

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    "people can be portly."

    "figures can be portly."

    "mayors can be portly."

    "ex-mayors can be portly."

    "traffickers can be portly."

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    Late 15th century: from port in the sense ‘bearing’ + -ly.