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Having a full rounded shape.
  1. 'The side dishes were palatable: a mound of exotically spiced couscous with plump raisins and a ratatouille of herbs and vegetables simmered in their own juices.'
  2. 'Tenderly, she ran one finger down her baby's plump brown cheek.'
  3. 'Her frizzy red hair was pulled back in a pony tail and the freckles that sprinkled her plump cheeks made her seem kindhearted in a girlish sort of way.'
  4. 'A plump, rounded moon settled alongside the twinkling lights and gleamed observently from its position in the sky.'
  5. 'The liver was plump and full of flavor, and it melted beautifully on my tongue.'
  6. 'The handmade ravioli were plump with a purée of vegetables, and generously coated with a light tomato sauce and strategically placed blobs of basil pesto.'
  7. 'She had a warm smile and plump cheeks that were a rosy red.'
  8. 'My cheekbones looked higher, my green eyes looked bigger and brighter and my lips were plump and full.'
  9. 'This yard, however, had been transformed into a lush garden full of plump, red, juicy tomatoes.'
  10. 'A bright hue, a rosy blush, pretty skin that's blemish free, and a plump shape - these are generally key for ripe fruits.'
  11. 'she wore an outfit she'd always wanted to try but felt she was too plump to risk'
  12. 'Sara smiled as she remembered the sweet, plump, middle-aged lady with her rosy cheeks and graying hair.'
  13. 'She was rarely photographed, but we know she was of medium height, slightly plump, with a fair complexion and crystal-clear blue eyes.'
  14. 'And although his body is still skinny, about half the size of plump Sofia, his belly is growing wider and fuller.'
  15. 'Masson spends all his free time on the beach with his sweet, plump little wife.'
  16. 'Some seemed to be only slightly larger than a good, plump chicken, an ideal size for the smaller family.'
  17. 'Birdie turned around and saw Hattie, the slightly plump, middle-aged housekeeper.'
  18. 'They were all rather plump people and Alina's slender figure did not fit in with them.'
  19. 'Mrs Reynolds was a small and rather plump lady with a kind and caring face.'
  20. 'I leave Chicago and busy Route 38 behind, then head up a gravel road to a white-picketed yard full of plump chickens scratching about.'
  21. 'Doyle turned to see a tall, if slightly plump, woman walking toward them.'
  22. 'She looked to be about 100 pounds, and was plump and round.'
  23. 'She had blonde curls that hung around her slightly plump face, and she wore a common housedress and apron over it.'
  24. 'Many of the animals here are also quintessentially cute: a rounded bunny, a kitten playing with yarn, a plump fish, a faun.'
  25. 'The woman had gray hair, and was slightly plump.'


Shake or pat (a cushion or pillow) to adjust its stuffing and make it rounded and soft.
  1. 'I plumped up the pillows and sat up in bed to eat it.'
  2. 'The red haired nurse eventually left after plumping my pillow and fetching me some water.'
  3. 'I was running from the kitchen to the living room, plumping the cushions and getting drinks in place, closing curtains to avoid sun-glare, the quickest of showers, a change into fresh clothes.'
  4. 'After plumping the pillow, I seated myself on the bed, looking out the window at the field and the parts of the castle beyond that.'
  5. 'They'd filled the crystal decanter on her bedside table with fresh water and plumped the pillows and put a nightdress ready.'
  6. 'I even had a concierge to plump up my pillows each evening.'
  7. 'Despite her refusal to buy anything, the salesman measured her bed while she lay on it and plumped up pillows around her back and feet.'
  8. 'Once the cushions had been plumped up to her satisfaction, she wouldn't allow her children to sit on them.'
  9. 'Caribbean bananas taste better than dollar bananas because they are less chemical, less plumped up with fertilisers.'
  10. 'Quick and easy cosmetic treatments are readily available, with clinics, salons and even your local gym promising to smooth out wrinkles or plump up lips.'
  11. 'It moisturizes the hair and plumps up the cuticle layer.'
  12. 'Henna plumps up your hair by coating each strand.'
  13. 'Let the couscous plump up for 15 minutes, then fork it through to separate the grains.'
  14. 'The marinades are used to plump up the chicken before it is covered in spices and fried.'
  15. 'New techniques involving lasers to blast uneven pigmentation, acid peels to smooth crepey skin and injections to plump up wrinkles or freeze facial muscles have all been developed and refined over the last decade.'
  16. 'Similar to collagen injections, it plumps up creases in the face.'


A flock of wildfowl.
  1. 'In a nearby gut of water, a plump of geese clustered together.'
  2. 'To her left was a plump of live ducks looking on and to her right a sack full of slaughtered, disembowelled, and plucked carcasses.'


1. well filled out or rounded in form; somewhat fleshy or fat. verb (used without object)

2. to become plump (often followed by up or out). verb (used with object)

3. to make plump (often followed by up or out): to plump up the sofa pillows.

More examples(as adjective)

"premiums can be plump from standpoints."

"people can be plump with elbows."

"options can be plump during tumbles."

"novels can be plump with statements."

"fruits can be plump for sizes."

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(plump)Late Middle English (in sense ‘group of people’): of uncertain origin; possibly related to clump and lump.