Adjective "plenty" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples


A large or sufficient amount or quantity; more than enough.
  1. 'you'll have plenty to keep you busy'
  2. as determiner dialect, informal 'there was plenty room'
  3. 'No matter what your interest, there is plenty to see and do at the Holker Garden Festival this year.'
  4. 'The slate-built village itself above the lake also has plenty to offer the sightseer.'
  5. 'For a fourteen year old that is downright insulting and even an eight year old may have plenty to say on his or her own account.'
  6. 'On the other hand there is plenty we citizens can do to bring about a positive outcome.'
  7. 'Adults and children alike will have plenty to see at Bowood House, which caters for all the family.'
  8. 'So there's still plenty to look forward to and I, for one, plan to relish every second of it.'
  9. 'Cheerful in a different way, for sure, but I still have plenty to be cheery about.'
  10. 'On bad days, and there have been plenty, Nicki would express herself by battering people.'
  11. 'He still has plenty to prove next season after three barren years following his accident abroad.'
  12. 'So Boris achieved his end, drank plenty, signed books and made some more money.'


A situation in which food and other necessities are available in sufficiently large quantities.
  1. 'On Christmas Day, at least, we hope to bring plenty and warmth to all such cases.'
  2. 'Faced with such plenty, it is hard to understand how anyone could go hungry in this part of the world.'
  3. 'Those of vague faith hold a perfectly reasonable and defensible position in a world of plenty.'


Used to emphasize the degree of something.
  1. 'Cycle time seems plenty fast, similar to a standard 1911.'
  2. 'For that reason, many less discriminating viewers will be plenty happy with this movie.'
  3. 'A radio was playing in the other room, so that kept my mind plenty busy.'
  4. 'Seeing animals reproducing in the wild would be plenty magical enough for me.'
  5. 'Or, buy a deck of quiz or trivia cards to keep their brains plenty busy.'
  6. 'Most gamers will probably find that the default view is plenty good though.'
  7. 'There are lots of new properties being built in the area which must bring in plenty more revenue to dispose of.'

More definitions

noun, plural plenties.

1. a full or abundant supply or amount: There is plenty of time.

2. the state or quality of being plentiful; abundance: resources in plenty.

3. an abundance, as of goods or luxuries, or a time of such abundance: the plenty of a rich harvest; the plenty that comes with peace. adjective

4. existing in ample quantity or number; plentiful; abundant: Food is never too plenty in the area.

5. more than sufficient; ample: That helping is plenty for me. adverb


(plenty)Middle English (in the sense ‘fullness, perfection’): from Old French plente, from Latin plenitas, from plenus ‘full’.