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Existing in or yielding great quantities; abundant.
  1. 'The full tillering capacity of wheat is only realised if plants are widely spaced and have plentiful nutrition.'
  2. 'And plentiful research shows that working at home permits greater leisure time.'
  3. 'My duck was the best I have tasted: tender meat with crispy skin, and, to top it all, plentiful.'
  4. 'Now entertainment is plentiful, and much of it is more entertaining than politics.'
  5. 'On the night of the celebration, the beer was refreshing and the doughnuts were plentiful.'
  6. 'Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition.'
  7. 'Skilful, robust and inspirational players are plentiful in this part of the land.'
  8. 'The hint of heat and the consistency of the plentiful golden korma was perfect.'
  9. 'We've decided to keep the TV in the bedroom on low so that we hear the sirens, so sleep will not be plentiful I fear.'
  10. 'Winter-flowering pansies and violas are in plentiful supply for this job.'


1. existing in great plenty: Coal was plentiful, and therefore cheap, in that region.

2. yielding abundantly: a plentiful source of inspiration.

More examples(as adjective)

"supplies can be plentiful in places."

"anxieties can be plentiful as numbers."

"deals can be plentiful in sizes."

"wines can be plentiful during periods."

"types can be plentiful on stuffs."

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